WordPress 5.0 is set off for release this year with the newer editor Gutenberg on the list. WordPress is ruling the CMS market for nearly 14 years and releases updates within a short time. This is done to remove bugs or errors that developers may have faced in the previous versions or adding new features.

What is Brewing New in the WP 5.0?

This July saw the Gutenberg editor incorporated by default in the WordPress. WordPress 5.0 is back with many exciting features and security functions. The businesses use this CMS nearly 31.7% of all the websites present on the Internet. To use these extraordinary features, the businesses can take the WordPress Development Services from the renowned website development company. Let us know about these newly released features of WP 5.0 in detail now.


  • Changes in Themes: The businesses can take the services from experts to keep abreast with the change in the codes that will be released by the WordPress for its newer version. As previous themes are bulky and filled with the bloated codes, so the decision has been taken to work on the coding.In this, Gutenberg blocks will also be styled, and developers may remove certain native blocks too. The developer’s community is now free to add companion plugins and customized themes. According to a study, the WordPress holds nearly 60.2% of a global share in the content management market. Therefore, it is necessary to use the seamless and professional theme.


  • Gutenberg- A Game Changer: Gutenberg is going to release soon later this year. The developers have stated that it is still in its testing phase under the WordPress development system. It is going to bring in drastic change because of the following:
  • The inclusion of ‘little blocks’ requires customized HTML and the short codes.
  • The Gutenberg that is going to release with WordPress ver. 5.0 is expected to get 100,000 active installations.
  • The Gutenberg has 290,000 of total downloads but still, its rating is 2.5 out of 5.0. Still, the developers are excited about this editor and they can download it from the WordPress dashboard under the ‘Add New Plugin’ feature or through the WordPress repository.
  • It supports larger writing screens, the addition of responsive column blocks for the texts, live HTML blocks that shows the preview, drag and drop image feature, mobile-optimized functionalities, and much more.


  • Introduction of Security Updates: A recent trend showed through a study states that the top 1 million websites use the WordPress. There are many versions of WordPress that have come up in the global market, until now, and fixed the errors or bugs that appeared in the previous versions. Now, the WP community has set its eyes on the WP 5.0 and its security features too. Security of the website is the main concern of every company. Any minute security error or the flaw can land your business in great danger. To prevent cyber attacks, this latest version is being tested for the two-factor authentication, security keys, SSL Certificates, OTP, application passwords, etc. However, this version 5.0 is still in beta phase but the businesses can take the services from the WordPress development company professionals for updating their old WP version.


  • Optimized on Mobile Devices: WordPress newer version 5.0 has not left out the mobile optimization but has focused more on it for responsiveness and easy navigation. It promises to make the user experience great and has improved since the last WordPress versions releases. The themes that the developers are now going to use will be seamless that will work with excellence on the mobile devices too. The website maintenance for the mobile devices and the desktop will also be decreased with this newer release and Gutenberg editor is surely going to work wonders.


  • Compatible Plugins for WP 5.0: Plugins are the most important part of the WordPress until now. This supports the developers to design and develop seamless websites that represent the content and builds a brand name for the companies. With the newer version releasing soon, most of the developers are concerned about the compatibility level of the plugins. According to industry experts, it will not be a big issue since the ver. 5.0 will be in the improved form upon the last released version. The developers can update their plugins before they opt to update to the WordPress 5.0. Even the businesses must start including or working with Gutenberg editor since it will be mainly streaming with the latest WordPress plugins.


  • Latest Functionalities for Designing Amazing Websites: WordPress used the Visual Composer for a long time, but now it’s time for the lighter and the faster front-end editor. It works exactly in the way a mobile phone does where people can change texts easily. The other great feature is the cropping of the background image before it will go live on the website. Firstly, it involved selection of the right image, then manual cropping, and after that uploading on the website. With this new feature in WP 5.0, the changes can be made instantly and uploaded easily.

WordPress CMS Update

According to the survey by W3 Techs, the CMS platform has a market share of more than 59%. WordPress is an efficient platform with numerous plugins and allows cross-device web development. There are high hopes of the WordPress community from the version 5.0 under the WordPress development. Moreover, with its release even the latest editor Gutenberg is going to replace the WYSIWYG editor. The Gutenberg will prove helpful in creating pages and posts with the usage of blocks.


Finally, it can be seen that WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor is surely going to change the face of website designing and development. By using short codes and the latest features within a lesser time, the developers can build a great brand image for the business houses. The business owners can take the WordPress Development Services for acknowledging about this newer update and other cost-effective services

Published by Karen Anthony