Sometime it happens that we want to migrate our site but unable to do that because we don't have option but WordPress provide WordPress Migration Plugins with the help of these plugin you can easily move your sites. So, here we are going to discuss about some popular wordpress migration plugins.

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Best WordPress Migration Plugins

All-in-One WP Migration



WP Migrate DB

WP Clone by WP Academy

These Five are best Migration Plugins. Now we are going to discuss briefly about all these plugins.

It is a free plugin with premium extensions that are focused entirely on moving your site to a new server or domain name. Your database and files migration is covered by it, means all aspects of migration covered by All-in-one WP Migration. It makes use of some fabulous methods to ensure that it work for all hosting providers. Firstly it exports/imports data in 3 second time parts, which lets it bypass any limitations placed by your host. It does something related to upload sizes, so even if your host restricts uploads to a certain max, All-in-One WP Migration will still be able to move your site.

If you need to change your domain name, All-in-One WP Migration lets you do an unlimited find/replace operations on your database and will resolve any possible serialization issues to make sure that everything works smoothly.

Moving sites up to 512MB size are supported by the free version of this plugin. If your site is any bigger, you’ll require going with the unlimited version, which excludes the size limit.


Every part of your WordPress site is protected by VaultPress and it also create backup of your site. After the creation of backup, it become easy to migrate your site to a new location with VaultPress restore to different site tool. 

For this, you have to fill your FTP details and Domain name if domain name is going to change VaultPress will handle the rest.

Drawback Of This Plugin

It’s drawback is it’s subscription service. Even, it is part of Jetpack. So that subscription payment will get you access to all of the other premium Jetpack features.


It is one of the best WordPress migration plugin to use because of its flexibility and versatility.

Duplicator supports in handling usual migrations but it can also help you clone your website to a new domain name, set up staging versions of your site, or just back up your site to secure from data loss.

WP Migrate DB

This plugin is completely focused on your WordPress database. If you are trying to manually move your site, then you find that the database is the most irritating part in migration. When you are moving other file you just copy and past but moving of database can get tricky.

With the help of this plugin it become easy by finding and replacing URLs and file paths. At the time of migration to a new URL this is very important. If you are a WordPress developer and don’t want to copying other files manually, then WP Migrate DB is the best option.

WP Clone by WP Academy

WP Clone is a great migration plugin with one major differentiating factor as you don’t have to muck around your FTP program for handling your migration.

All you require to do is create a new WordPress install at the location where you wish to clone your WordPress site. Then after you just want to install the WP Clone plugin on your new install and it will handle the migration for you.

For large website you have to go with different migration plugin. WP Clone can move Smaller sites (under 250MB).

Published by Amit Sharma