“So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’” Matth 6:31

John 3:16 and Rom 8:15 both tells us one glorious truth, a sinner on his way to hell can be totally reconciled to God and adopted into Gods family. The only thing you need to do is to trust that Yeshua died for your sins on the cross, and then Yahweh will consider you to be His son or His daughter.

The human mind is a strange but wonderful thing. A smell or a sound can activate a hidden memory and suddenly you are reliving in your mind and emotions something that happened many years ago. A word spoken or written has the same power. Just think back on all the times you have read something that has reminded you of a positive or negative experience in the past.

If I wrote the word dentist or doctor many of you would cringe in fear because you find yourself reliving a bad memory from a time you had to visit a doctor or a dentist. For some of you it might be the word marriage or the word father or dad.

Some of us have had bad fathers and some of us have been blessed with good fathers. But even if you were blessed with a good father you were still blessed with a human being and not a god. Your father was and is just another human being, and as human beings come we have limitations.

Even our good fathers have let us down sometime during our life. It was not their intention, it was just the fact that they were human beings. Limited by their own sin nature and the mere fact they were frail human beings and not an almighty God.

So what is your first reaction when you read John 3:16 and Rom 8:15? Can you honestly say you are able to trust Yahweh to meet all your needs knowing He is your Abba, your Father?

Deep down inside you have your doubts, not because you doubt Yahweh but because you have been disappointed by your father in the past. So when you hear the word Father or Dad in connection with Yahweh your mind will remind you of all the times a father or a dad has broken your heart in the past.

This is where the enemy the devil takes advantage of our past hurts. He knows Yahweh can be trusted to meet all our needs as long as we keep our part of the covenant and focus our faith on the cross. But he also knows your story. He knows all your wounds and he has no problem reminding you of them in an attempt to create distrust and doubt in your heart when it comes to Yahweh as your Abba.

When I read Matth 6:31 it almost seems to me to be a suggestion. It seems like Yeshua is giving us the opportunity to choose to worry or not to worry. But did you know that in the original Greek Matth 6:31 is written as a command? In the original Greek it says we are forbidden to worry and we are forbidden to have any anxious thought.

Forbidden to worry? Forbidden to have any anxious thought? It almost makes me want to question if Yeshua has lost touch with the world we are living in.

I know that I am a son of Yahweh because I trust Yeshua died for my sins and I trust His death is the source of every blessing in my life. But I am also affected by my past experiences from my childhood. Growing up with an emotional abusive father I of course knew there where good fathers out there. I knew other children had fathers who took care of them, fathers who did not abuse them.

As a child I did what most children do. I dreamt of having the perfect father. And it seemed like everybody except me had super dad as father, a man who was almost a small god. But when I grew older I of course realized no father is perfect, even the fathers of my classmates in school had their faults and flaws.

And as I grew older and started realizing my own sin, and my own fault I suddenly expected fathers to fail. After all I knew I failed, I knew I sinned, and it was only natural for me then to expect other people around me to do the same thing. Thats part of being human, we have a sin nature that affects us.

All of this preprogrammed my mind so that when I hear, speak or read the word father I am preprogrammed to expect a sinful man who wants to do the best but he is just not able to. And this affects how I understand Matth 6:25-34.

I read how Yeshua promises us that we have no need to worry, because we have a father who takes care of us. And in my mind, a part of me knows this to be true. But then another part of my mind suddenly awakens and tries to convince the first part that fathers can not be trusted and reminds the first part of all the bad experiences I have had with fathers.

So even though I know Yawheh can be trusted its difficult sometimes.

What about you?

Are you aware of how your mind is preprogrammed to react when you read the Bible?

As a Jew I understand the concept of covenant. Judaism is build upon the concept of covenant between us and Yahweh. We do our part and He does His part, and our history shows that Yahweh can be trusted when we fulfill our part of the covenant.

The very foundation of judaism is the sacrificial system that was first introduced to Adam and Eve when Yahweh killed a lamb to cover their sin. (Gen 3:21) After this happened Yahweh gave us the temple and the tabernacle were we could sacrifice animals to cover our sin. The blood of bulls and goats could not take away our sin, it could only cover it for some time before the entire process had to be repeated. And then Yahweh Himself gave us the ultimate sacrifice when He gave us His own Son Yeshua.

Yeshua who never sinned a day in His life was willing to be sacrificed for our sins. Our sins was laid on Him and He carried it for us together with all our sicknesses, troubles and pains of life. The only requirement set by Yahweh is faith and trust.

Ever since Yahweh introduced the sacrificial system as a way of helping us live close to Him, and at the same time take care of our sins, He has only required one thing from us and that is trust. If we trusted in the requirements to go to temple back then and sacrifice for our sins He would consider that sacrifice as a cover for our sins.

This has not changed, He still requires one thing and one thing only from us and that is trust. If we trust that Yeshua died for us and our sins then we will be reconciled to Yahweh. If we trust that Yeshua died for us then we will be a member of the covenant introduced by Yahweh Himself when He called Abraham in Gen 15:6

Ever since Yahweh calls Abraham in Gen 15:6 He has shown Himself that He can be trusted. Yahweh has done great and mighty things for all Jews who has been in covenant with Him up through the ages. He freed us from Egypt, He parted the Red Sea for us and we walked through on dry land. And then He collapsed it on top of the Egyptian army and rescued us from them. He provided for us when we walked in the desert for 40 years and when we left Egypt we left as healed millionaires. We had been slaves in Egypt for so long, but when He freed us we left as kings and queens. Healed and prosperous.

Not because we had done something to deserve it, no not at all. Only because He is faithful to the covenant He made with our forefather Abraham. And we are a part of that covenant if we choose to do our part, and that is to trust Yeshua died for us.

Being a Jew I have no problem trusting Yahweh to come through for me as a member of the covenant. I just have to read the Bible and remind myself what He has done for us in the past. And then I know I can trust Him to come through for me. Taking care of my financial debt, and giving me the money I need to run this ministry full time is not to hard for Yahweh who created the heaven and the earth and parted the Red Sea for us in the past.

Healing you and providing for you is not to hard for Yahweh who parted the Red Sea for us in the past and created the heavens and the earth. You just have to trust that Yeshua died for you, and then He will do the rest.

You are not a Jew?

Thats ok, you are still more then welcome to join the covenant Yahweh made with us. Remember Yeshuas own words and Shaul (Paul) who told us that Yahweh wants both Jews and Gentiles in His covenant. The only requirement to get in and to stay in is trust in what Yeshua did for us.

This helps me bypass my preprogrammed mind. As a Jew my mind is preprogrammed to trust Yahweh because I have the word of God in my Bible telling me He can be trusted.

So then Matth 6:31 suddenly makes sense. Its suddenly easy to understand why Yeshua is giving us a command and not a suggestion in Matth 6:31. He is speaking to us Jews who knows and understands the meaning of covenant.

If we allow anxiety and worrying to be a part of life we are in fact saying “I do not trust Yahweh to fulfill His part of the covenant”. And that is a great sin because then our testimony to the rest of the world is a bad one. The rest of the world looks at us and says “Yahweh can not be that powerful because His followers doubt His ability to come through on His promises”. And that is a great insult to Yahweh.

Is it any wonder we sometimes dont get our prayers answered? Would you help somebody who insults you and tells everybody you can not be trusted? Remember, He created us in His image. So if you find it hard, frustrating and impossible to help somebody who constantly tells everybody you can not be trusted then He finds it difficult to help you when you are doing the same thing by allowing worrying and anxiety in your life.

“But I am not sure, how do I know He will heal me, provide for me? How do I know He even cares about the stack of bills I cant pay, the fact I have no food in the fridge, my car is broken down and I cant fix it. And what about the fact that I am lonely, sick, filled with cancer. How do I know if He can do anything with this and fix this? And some of this I caused by my own sin and my own mistakes”.

I know how you feel, and its understandable you would react this way. Because your mind is preprogrammed to think like that. Remember you have a lifetime of hurts and wounds telling you to react that way. And the devil knows how to take advantage of it to make you doubt Yahweh.

So what are you to do then?

Do what we Jews do when we are in doubt. We look back on our past and remind ourself what Yahweh has done in the past. When we remind ourself He freed us from Egypt, provided fresh manna in the desert, healed us, provided for us and fought for us it suddenly becomes easy to trust Him. But most of all, when we remind ourself what He has given us in Yeshua it becomes very easy to trust Him.

We are so aware of our own sin, we know we did not deserve Yeshua. But He is Yahweh Jireh, the God who provides. And He provided us the ultimate sacrifice who would not cover our sin. Instead it would remove our sin, if we only trust in what He did for us.

So learn from us Jews and get into covenant with Yahweh. You will be pleasantly surprised when you discover He can be trusted to meet all your needs for this life and the next one.

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com