There are those words…

They cut so deep into ones soul that no amount of love can bandage the damage,,

We don’t realize them rolling out of our tongues ’till we’re left with a carnage,

We don’t see their magnitude ’till their results leave us in some sort of bondage-emotional constraint, psychological torture, because that’s us,

Human nature…

These words reduce us into beasts, the poor recipient is our feast,

We use the words to cut like a knife, we use these words to tear their insides.

We do not see the gravity of the calamity we set in motion, ’till somebody ends up probably six feet under, no, no there is no consolation!! You can’t try to use other words to justify the  notion that you pushed somebody to the limit, “tryna test their mettle,” nigger please I ain’t made of metal, no not man of steel, am perfectly human- I FEEL.

I wish you could feel the sting inside my soul, I wish you understood the pain you brought as a whole,

I wish you knew the rage that culminates to the point of no return and this mess takes on a cycle.


To the wound that’s already my ego- you added salt…

To my physical inner self that is an insult…

I can’t believe how obnoxious you can get to ramble something as monstrous; how devious and so callous!! I cannot understand what level of your superiority makes you worthy to define my inferiority…7 billion people still not close to infinity, but remember we on rented time and space, have some humility and dignity to humanity.

I just wish that we could stop this, fighting at the drop of any comment,

The situation is getting kind of toxic, catastrophic, we gatta change the atmosphere; not static

I was hoping that we all understood, when she sang- Carrie Underwood, that these words leave open wounds; I was hoping we change if we could, no rephrase that- We Should.

I must admit am always impressed, with those that have the ability to confess,

To admit to the fact that they’ve messed, to come to terms and put this at end.

It’s a heavy burden of guilt one bears, it is a whole lot easier if we share,

So beware of those words we unconsciously utter, before lifelong relationships and beautiful friendships shatter.


Published by Faith Msl