As a creative person, any type of creative block is like being trapped in a box and you have to find a way to escape it, in order to catch a breath. That's how it felt for me, hence the reason I haven't been updating too much on here, but hopefully that will change and I will publish articles more often, if anyone is interested in what I have to say, that is! I'll admit, writing on here can be a daunting challenge at times because so many talented writers are on this site, but I praise your skills! Yes, I think we all have struggles in terms of being able to express in a way we feel validated as well as free of people pointing at us throughout life. I think that's one thing I finally understand about creativity; it has no bounds and you should not pin yourself down, because in the end, your words have meaning, regardless. It's important to always remember that not all writing is perfect and no person is perfect either. It's what you say that matters.

Published by Mila Christiansen