There comes a point in life, where you want to say something but for some reason you are either afraid or uncomfortable. Here is my list of words we should not be afraid to say:

1. Thank You: There is nothing wrong in saying "thank you" to the people who have made your day happier or who have made your life different. Particularly important to acknowledge the efforts of your employees and it is important to communicate to them that they are doing a great job and there's no better way to do so then by thanking them.

2. I am sorry: It is not easy to apologise not when you are wrong and you have to admit and neither when you are right but you have "mind over matter" mentality and want to make the first step to mend your friendship/relationship. These are the most important 3 words that people should not be afraid to say. Apologising doesn't make you a weak person, in contrast it makes you stronger as you have mastered the magic of being forgiven and to forgive.

3. I forgive you: Slightly in line with apology, you should not be afraid to forgive. A person who knows how to forgive has a heart of gold and is so much more attractive to the others.

4. I miss you: Missing someone can be interpreted in many ways. To me missing someone is when I am leaving in the moment that I'd wish I could share with my boyfriend/friend/family member who is not around me at the time. It is particularly uneasy to admit that you miss someone if you are romantically involved (especially for the girls). Girls, we don't want to come across as needy or attached but trust me you will make his day, if you text him "I miss you." 

5. I love you: These 3 words are slightly overrated and overused. So when you say this to someone, make sure you mean it from your heart and be comfortable with the person you say this too.

I am sure you'd have more of these if you took a moment to think about it. But the point is don't be afraid to speak and communicate with people around you, otherwise how else would they know how you feel?

Published by Karina Saakyan