This week has been quite a physic-sy week. I had olympiad, I was hoping for a gold awardwhich would have gotten me that 5 prizes I'd written about in my goals for the year, I'm pretty sure I cocked up, shit was just way beyond what I was even expecting and I was overwhelmed, hopefully I still beat my cock-shit friends because otherwise I'd never hear the end of it. 

I was reading one of those short ass little guide things and it was very quite good, it's about those laws of thermodynamics and no 2 had a funny little introduction, the author literally uses so much hyping up of it pronouncing it "the one idea that encapsulates all of modern physics" and "something that can be extended to the rest of life" and whilst I am probably making it a little dramatic it is an idea that I have been hearing a lot peripherally and never really put into the words.

The second law as I understand it is about how unless work is done entropy will increase in a system over time. Entropy in a physics sense I still don't really understand - not finished it yet, but the way I see it applied to life is that entropy is just failing. 

There's all those little quips on instagram about how success is just doing the correct things every day, they're horrible and played out and for most people who repeat them not even true but there is a little fundamental thing there. Unless you're constantly working on improving yourself you're failing, life is constantly dragging you down this weird mountain of slippery ass mud and if you stop to take a breath you start falling down. 

This isn't meant to be one of those motivational posts that middle-aged mothers repost for some weird reason, rather it's a little thing to myself to say that if you're not kicking you're drowning, recently I've become way too complacent thinking that I'm already good enough and don't need to work. That's part of the reason I got destroyed on Friday by the Olympiad, why I'm slipping in class and so on. Like for my diet I have all this knowledge of what I should be eating but still I think it's fine to just eat shit because I think it'll all work out fine, it's not. 

It's quite nice living in this dream world where doing anything will result in being okay, I mean that's why we made all these creature comforts of homes, benefits and clothes for fat people, we've made it okay to not continuously strive and forgotten that in fact we are just animals and as such need to progress or die. 

That's all I have to say today because homework and mad early wake ups tomorrow. Hi future Kevin if you're ever reading this. 

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