Freedom is the essence of life. Freedom, an essential part of the human nature so free in term yet so expensive it could take lives to procure. Freedom, a state we live for, a state we strive so hard to attain, freedom from constraints, protocols and negativity. Everyone fights for freedom to express themselves. Inadvertently, life becomes a pursuit of freedom.

Irrespective of its outward attributes, freedom in itself is a concept of the mind. An internally constrained mind set reflects in the individual's negative attitude towards the host environment and on outlook towards life in general.

We seek freedom to undo the past,

Freedom to live in the present,

And freedom to secure the future’.

An essential part of freedom is the freedom of the mind. Many a times we try to rid our minds of negative effects caused by negative situations. We may feel unsure and down by the bizarre circumstances life haul at us. But there's a place for freedom of the mind, for if we can conquer ourselves within we can conquer the world without. I have decided to share six ways to rid our minds of negative mind sets from my experience. I hope you find them useful.

1. Do not play the victim. Negative circumstances surround us to downplay us. In other words, they make us victims of our inner selves: defenseless, hopeless and powerless. You can simply turn things around if you concentrate on the good and refuse to play the victim. Encourage yourself!

2. Smile. As simple as it is, a smile breaks the invisible barrier between you and a positive state of mind. A simple smile at an appropriate moment can help turn things around. Best thing about smiles? They are completely free!

3. Nobody is perfect. In the same way, nobody is your savior (except the Lord, of course). Remember this and know not to expect too much from anyone. Ever. Believe me; you will minimize the expected probability of disappointment if you do so.

4. Choose to surround yourself with positive people. The wrong set of people can and will eventually bring you down. Do well to avoid them. If misery loves company, a positive mind avoids it.

5. Don't forget to help somebody. There's a certain inner satisfaction that comes from lending a helping hand. In doing this, you feel at one with the universe as part of a total plan. When you make somebody feel that they are not alone, it has an instinctive effect on you. You will also feel that you are not alone.

6. Pray. In fact, the first best thing is to pray. As E. M. Bounds said, "Prayer makes a godly man, and put within him the mind of Christ", the mind of humility, of service, a positive mind, a mind rid of all negativity, free from all illusions. Thank you for reading. Have a blessed happy, decisive week free of fear and intimidation. Don't forget to leave comments. Bye!

Published by Elizabeth Olayide