Working for my friends is, perhaps, the greatest reward I have: we know each other pretty well, we put everything out, so see that they come to me for advices that concerns home decor and interior design and appreciate that, is a small sign that maybe I'm going in the right direction in my work.
I'm currently working for one of them for a small project, a little help to decorate the kitchen, which was recently the subject, like the whole house, of a restyling (i might having something to do with that too ....!).
The request is to decorate the wall behind the kitchen table, to add a bit of color to the room and remove the "work in progress" aspect and sound to the house.
And you will probably say, "So what? Hang two pictures and that's it!".
Well no, too easy.
The walls have been arranged during the recent works: insultaing panels were added to increase acustic insulation (aaahh, the walls in tissue paper ...) and above these was passed a layer of chalk as surface finish.
Ergo, anything too heavy in off limits.
Prohibited shelves, paintings, banned everything that can not be sustained with more than a small nail or a pin.
The problem of the thunder, then, has eliminated rather quickly the sticker/drawings option on the wall.
Needless to say that, after the restyling, the budget is pretty low, so then, what?

I love DIY and recycling, I always try to save (usable) pieces of material, so rummaging through these, I thought that the cardboard could be the right choice: easily shaped, economic and thin.
The first hypothesis of what to do was to modeling frames in different shape and size and hang them on the wall.
But my friend is a very simple girl, she likes clean and linear things, and even if the idea was very much appreciated, she seemed not entirely convinced, so, surfing the Internet I found a brilliant idea: a wall puzzle of hexagons (in detail, this).
The idea was a success.
Chalk problem: solved.

At this point we move on to phase two: the color's choice.
The composition has a color combination that I personally love, but unfortunately some furnishing details in the kitchen posed a landmark in the choice (= begins to cut the cardboard and prepares brushes).
So I start looking into my favorite source of color palettes: Design seed.
If you don't know it, remedied immediately ... it's SALVATION.

The palette choice is this that happen to has exactly the colors that were used in the kitchen, plus some additions.

Hopefully, the result should be something like this,


but we'll see ...


Published by Laura Messina