I will not get too political on this point but I just have to say this, "I am sick and tired of people who vilify working moms for ditching their homes to work." I have nothing against stay-at-home moms. In fact, I aspire being one if only I have a choice. 

There are several memes going viral stating how people misconstrue the roles being played by stay-at-home-moms like how hard it is being full-time housewives and mothers. Actually, no one misunderstands that (except for few sexist individuals perhaps). But for me, it is already a known fact how hard motherhood is. I mean, we are in such a modern world where America could have Hillary Clinton as President very soon. No brainer! Motherhood is one serious business. There's no need to overstate that! So what am I fussing about? It is how unfairly working mommies are classified when compared with stay-at-home-moms.

I really raise an eyebrow in conversations like this:

Man 1: What does your wife do?

Man 2: She is an accountant!

Man 1: Wow! You're a lucky man, you can retire early!

Man 2: Does your wife work? What does she do?

Man 1: She's a plain housewife, only stays at home.

"insert a very long video presentation of chores that housewives are supposedly doing all day" 

Then a very powerful closing line in bold blood red font color saying, there's no such thing as "only a plain housewife" - MOTHERHOOD IS A PROFESSION!

Of course it is! But viral articles and memes only defend and promote stay-at-home moms! No one defends working moms who actually had to do these household duties as well. All the chores enumerated in the task list of stay-at-home moms are the same chores that we do as working moms, only with different timelines! No one especially mentions working moms for being so! Our kids go to school during the day (supposed they're of school age), mothers pick the kids from school after work because dads had to work late oftentimes. Mothers had to go grocery shopping too after work (just like stay-at-home moms do) and if you're lucky, you get a car; if you're like me living in Saudi Arabia, I had to commute to the store. Then after the errands, moms go home, if you're lucky you can rest before doing the chores staying up so late because the chores just won't end, one after another. But then again, no one would commend you for being great because you are a working mom, it's like every thing else that you do is just to compensate for the time spent working like it's a luxury!

Now the question is why are working moms vilified for choosing to work? I don't know! 

I for one would love to spend full-time at home giving the best service to my husband and to my son and most likely, would get to comb my hair before my husband comes home from work. But not everyone is as privileged as others and some families do really need a two income household to survive the world and the expensive cost of living!

Hats off to stay-at-home moms and the things that they've given up just to serve the family full-time but I wish the working moms receive credits too, after all, being able to juggle household chores while earning a paycheck = no joke. This is not a competition, it's merely fighting for our share in the limelight of motherhood as opposed to being bashed for taking the home for granted.


(Shout out to my husband who never enslaved me at home and helps me every step of the way!)

Published by Maria Clara