It has been a long in your bucket list to change your old carpet and get a new one in its place. But, it is quite tough as carpets are expensive. It is hard to come across the best ones as there are only a few in the cheapest rate. But, once you have the right company by our side, procuring cost effective carpet won’t be a tough nut to crack.  It was not a long waiting anymore, and you ended up buying the best one for your house. So, what’s next? It is the installation. Unless you can install bigger carpets well, it will create more mess.'


Three Types of Installation

There are many ways you can install a new carpet after taking out the old one. However, there are three special ways, which are becoming popular these days. And, learning about those ways can help you big time with your next carpet project.

  • The first one is glue down option. Here, this category is sub-divided into direct glue down and double glue down installation. For the former type, the carpet will be supported properly with minimal movement. It helps in offering solid base for rolling traffic, with wheelchairs. However, for a more comfortable and insulation touch, the double glue installation variation is the one to watch out for.
  • Stretch in installation is the next type of carpet installation practice available. It is one of the most popular method for homes. Here, wooden strips are nailed to floor around edges of the room. It is a quick and efficient installation method. The pads are more comfortable and insulated in this regard.
  • The last type of carpet installation is cut to fit. Here, it is the job of an installer to cut carpet for matching the room size exactly. However, here, the carpet isn’t attached to the floor. It is laid loosely on floor or even over a pad.


Some Diy Steps

Even though it is always mandatory to call experts to install your carpet, but sometimes you don’t have any money for that. This leads you to invest on DIY steps. Well, if you made up your mind to install carpet on your own, then you better watch out for the right steps. To start it off, be prepared to get some tools from nearby handyman store. Some of those tools are hammer, top cutter, tack strip cutter, wall trimmer, hand stapler, carpet and razor knife, stair tool and knee kicker.

  • At first, you must clean the sub floor. Next, remove the door and start installing tackles strips.
  • After you are done with it, you must install the carpet pad. Get started by stapling the pad seams.
  • Next, trim the pad and notch the corners for trimming.
  • Later, trim it to the size and get rid of excess carpet. It is time to glue seam together. Trim the obstacles and attach edge of carpet.
  • Get rid of excess and edge the carpet. Now, use binder bar and finish off by trimming the sides of carpet.


For the Price

If installing carpet on your own isn’t your cup of tea, you can try asking experts to help you with that. But first, do check out the price. It is hard to determine the exact price of carpet installation as it varies depending on area, size of carpet, installation method chosen and various such factors. There are strict labor charges added to the basic chore.

Following the above steps, would help you to install the carpet properly.

Published by Justin Jersey