Working Online - The truth

For those looking to work online they need to be aware of the scams and cons that lurk in the depths of the online world. There is nothing worse than busting your gut to get that small payment needed and then not receive it! 

A few pointers for those looking to work online remotely we need to establish exactly what working from home is. Working from home is where you create an online business that you are qualified to do. Always do your homework before starting anything don't just set up shop to fail. This comes across as harsh but this is the truth. When setting up a business you need to understand what's in your local area already and is there a market for your product. Don't choose anything that's too specialist. 

The websites I have found that you need to avoid is to pretty much avoid all PTC sites, captcha solving sites and similar ones to that. They won't pay you. You also end up wasting a lot of time and money just to get extra. Now the websites that you do not click on are these types of sites. It's also wise to avoid using PTC sites for advertising. Use google ads it's legit and works. But we'll explain that later. Furthermore; If you are looking for online work you should never actually pay to work. This is how you can they are a bad company also.

Do not touch sites!

Warning: These sites displayed are all tried and tested so before you say this, that and the other don't.

Up Work is another form of Odesk and Freelancer. All the sites need you to take tests and bid on jobs which you will never get. The tests you generally don't pass either. It's just another scam site that's after your money. The best way to describe the scam world is to simply explain it like this. Imagine your in an ocean but that ocean contains all of your personal information and bank cards ect then imagine it gets invested by pirranas that will eat everything if you go to a certain part of the ocean. The simple way to avoid this is to not go to those areas.

Upwork will show the jobs available to you which are mostly simple writing jobs given by people who either have fallen for the site to be real or fake. The jobs will be all writing based but your withdrawal is from £100 (Also the same in USD). 


Megatypers is a captcha solving site. So it's simplicity in itself you spend a couple of hours everyday to earn points which you can turn into cash. Wrong. You spend hours everyday wasting time and money to get extra captchas to solve. This site is another to one stay away from. You can be locked out for no reason also. It's basically like a puzzle solving site. You're also timed with this too so it's get you type faster etc. But the best way to get better at typing is to challenge your self more and time yourself. Megatypers claims to offer more work but even after using the site for three months nothing happened. 

PTC Sites

The best examples of the scam ones even though they claim to be legit are sites like seven dollar click, two dollar click etc. But you need to earn a lot of points to even cash out. Even then you don't get paid as these sites are all run by the same guy. Dollar click has multiple copies of the site so they are a waste of time and you absolutely will not get paid. They ask you for more money than you will actually earn. 

Write online for money sites

Now there are some legit sites out there but not all of them are. If you do have stories to sell you can use sites of well known companies such as a news tv company or a local news paper but the most you can get paid is roughly £50 - £100 per accepted posting. It all depends on the company and if they accept your story. This only really happens if you can pitch yourself sufficiently enough. Pitching is where you present your story idea and you must present your facts, where the information came from and pitch hard and strong. You must do this in a professional way or they will not take you seriously. 

The sites to avoid are sites that say write for cash and similar so it's best to use an actual company you've seen labels of like The times (British newspaper company) or similar. 

The easy part

The easy part of working online from home is that anyone can do it. You are better off advertising your services (Not as an escort). Now I mentioned not working as an escort whether your male or female as many people fall for this type of work. Or try to hire you as a discrete affair partner behind their partners back. I'm not encourage this type of work as it's not an actual job. Even though the dark part of the internet says so. It's dangerous and you are less likely to be able to get a normal 9 - 5 job even if you manage to find something better. 

The easy thing about working online is how easy it is to set up your company website. You can use any legit company for this such as WordPress. The best thing to do is to offer a legal service such as gardening, painting or similar. As I have explained in the paragraph above offering a service absolutely does not mean handing out your body to strangers. You can even sell your own hand made soaps or knit wear. So long as they meet the standard markets requirements. There are courses available in most countries and areas so you can learn the correct technique for hand made crafts. 

All in all the sites are out there but you are best off offering a service you can do to set up a small business for yourself. But always make sure you do your homework first and make sure that everything is legitimate. The other ways you can make money from home is by using Google Adsense or self publishing your book to kindle. There will be other posts in following this one into how to do this. The ability to work from home is out there but you must always be aware that there are scams out their also especially when it comes close to holidays such as Christmas. The next article will explain how to get yourself set up with Google Adsense and How to publish onto kindle. 

Published by The silver fox