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In the world we live today, there are so many different kinds of hotel gyms. The more lavish ones, with rooms full of equipments and looks ten times better than your regular gym back home but there are also many that just have one equipment right in the center of the room and it smells a little.


Whatever the case may be, we still need to get a good workout in while we’re out and about somewhere in the world. Hotel gyms that have little to zero selections of equipment’s can be a lot harder to get that good workout but not completely impossible.

Here are some of my ideas to get a good workout at hotels that didn’t put any investments to their gyms.

Step into the hotel gym with a plan

It’ll be a good idea to check out the gym before you actually go. See what kind of machines they have. If it’s the more lavish ones, you should be fine. But if it’s the ones that actually has only one machine right in the center of the room, then it’s best to come up with a game plan that will allow you to get a good sweat going.

Think of what body part you want to work out that day? Full body or just arms? What I’ve noticed with gyms that don’t have much selection is that if you’re trying to work out your legs, it’s going to be a lot harder than it should be.

If I’m staying at a hotel that didn’t invest in a squat rack or rows of dumbbells to which I can use for squats or lunges, I would switch legs to something more reasonable for that situation and then search for another gym the next day or so to train my legs.


Be creative

If you’re creative, one machine can be used all sorts of way. Sit in different position with that one machine and this will allow you to target a different muscle group!

Google search up some exercises with the equipments they have and you can most likely find some unusual exercises. It may look stupid but if it works, it works. Just be cautious and don’t hurt yourself while trying these unorthodox workouts. If you’re performing it wrong, it can be dangerous. In fact, doing any sort of exercises with bad form is unsafe!

No gym at the hotel

What do you do when the hotel doesn’t even have a gym? The easy path is just to skip the whole workout all together and watch a movie back in the hotel room but we both know you aren’t going to do that!

The other option is bodyweight exercises! If you do a full body workout using only your weight, you can get a good sweat going on as well. The reps and sets will depend on your level of fitness. Since you’re only using your bodyweight, go for high volume. This means rep it out as much as you can!

First get your body warmed up by walking up and down the stairs for at least 5 minutes or do jump jacks in the middle of the room. Then get right into it.

  1. Push ups.
  2. Squats & lunges.
  3. Abs – there’s lots of variation for abs. Do at least two different ones.
  4. Dips – use the coffee table or even the edge of your bed.

Add some burpees (oh how I hate burpees) to increase the difficulty level if you find it to be too easy.

Goggle search for the closest gym

If bodyweight exercise isn’t for you then you can search up a local gym nearby and go to that. I would only use the bodyweight routine if there are no gyms nearby or I’m in a rush that day and won’t have any time. Bodyweight are good but using dumbbells, barbells, and machines obviously gives you a better pump! 

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Published by Duy Dang