Blue killed Orange

Rejoiced his triumph
which only he could infer was one,
Proud of himself considering
his great deed exerted by none,

Blue got exuberated
seeing the Orange suffer,
He got misguided thinking
shredding Orange was the sign of being superior,

They say you reap what you sow,
I suppose that is true too,
As, if it wasn't true
Seed of cherry would be able to yield a tree of mango,

Orange killed Blue

This marked the start
of a never-ending cycle of retaliation,
COULD BE beautiful relation of brotherhood
took few seconds to turn into hatred and detestation, :'(

Blood here and blood there
Screams and imprecations coming out of everywhere, :(
Why can't there be a place

Where names of all religions hold the sway
of being mere words,

Where being humane enfeebles overrides every emotion of abomination,
rendering this human race
with everlasting tranquility,
and this world a better place to live in. :)


We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.
 - Jonathan Swift

Published by Aditi Sharma