We are already on the fourth overall part of the World Football 100. So far we have covered 26 players, with 74 more to go! Today's edition? Full backs.

1. David Alaba, Bayern Munich

At only 24 years of age, David Alaba is one of football's true up and coming stars. Capable of playing center midfield, left wing, right wing, and defensive midfield, Alaba is also one of the world's most well rounded players. Playing at left back for Bayern Munich has seen David Alaba's attacking and defensive prowess really come to light.

2. Philipp Lahm, Bayern Munich

David Alaba's partner on the opposite side of defense, Philipp Lahm has been one of the top defenders in football since 2009. However, at 33 years of age, it is unknown how long Lahm's physicality and pace will remain with him. Bayern Munich must appreciate their wealth of defensive talent. David Alaba, Jerome Boateng, Mats Hummels, and Philipp Lahm make up the most prolific backline in football.

3. Jordi Alba, Barcelona

One of the fastest players at any position, Jordi Alba has been anchoring Barca since 2012. Alba's pace and attacking talent are both huge parts of what make him one of the world's best. Jordi Alba can be overlooked by many because of the many other big names on his club team, but Alba should be appreciated for his fantastic work on the left side of defense.

4. Filipe Luís, Atletico Madrid

Yet another quick left back, Filipe Luis is probably the best full back in Madrid. Luis has been one of the best players in all of football for several years now, and has played for both Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. The Brazilian is often able to build up the attack from his left side position, providing a huge spark for Atletico.

5. Marcelo, Real Madrid

Marcelo has been one of the most consistent defenders in football over the last 6 seasons. He is one of the most well rounded full backs, possessing above average pace, defending, physicality, passing, and shooting. Real Madrid have found their left back for the next several years.

6. Dani Alves, Juventus

Perhaps the most offensive minded full back on this list, Dani Alves made a name for himself playing for Barcelona over the last several years. Alves and Lionel Messi combined to make one of the most offensively potent attacking wings in football's history. Dani Alves has since moved to the Italian giants Juventus and is looking to make just as big of an impact there.


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Published by Joseph Lowery