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What is World Mental Health Day, you may ask? (taken from

The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day, observed on 10 October, covers “psychological first aid”. Efforts in support of the day will focus on basic pragmatic psychological support by people who find themselves in a helping role whether they be health staff, teachers, firemen, community workers, or police officers.

Despite its name, psychological first aid covers both psychological and social support. Just like general health care never consists of physical first aid alone, similarly no mental health care system should consist of psychological first aid alone. Indeed, the investment in psychological first aid is part of a longer-term effort to ensure that anyone in acute distress due to a crisis is able to receive basic support, and that those who need more than psychological first aid will receive additional advanced support from health, mental health and social services.

Mental health is just as important as our physical health. In face it is said that where the mind goes, your actions will follow. Which is SO true. If your mind is sick, it’ll affect you in your body through your actions and how you feel in every way. We know that a lot can affect the health of out minds (situations, circumstances, loss of some sort, and it can also be genetic and passed down through generations within the family, or the individual’s upbringing). Their childhood, how they were raised or the lack there of.

There are so many causes and links concerning the root of mental health and where it stemmed from that it can often have multiple layers. But I believe the it is vitally necessary to get to the root so that one can find healing, because if not they will continue just treating the symptoms yet while by passing dealing with the cause (root).

Not to mention or forget about the spiritual causes such as being attacked in the mind and tormented by the enemy through oppression, discouragement, and suppression. Let us ALWAYS keep in mind, that there are both natural and spiritual root causes. If you’re not paying attention you’ll miss it and the enemy will try to deceive you into thinking (that mind again) that it’s all one source when it’s not.

We HAVE to be wise because the enemy is very cunning.

As a believer in Christ Jesus, I know that the spiritual realm is real and not to be taken lightly. Remember- the enemy does not play fair! Never ever ever will he but I know one thing, he plays for keeps. That is why being pro active in the fight for your mind is so needed. Once he has your mind, he has you!

Please fight, fight, fight. Just don’t stop and give up. Yes, it’ll be hard but in the end it’ll be worth it when you step into liberation and mental freedom after so long. You are worth it! Your life is worth it.

Do YOU believe that? It’s possible but you have to be the first to believe it is.

But know that with God on your side you can win the total and complete victory! You are never alone in your pain, your suffering, or your distress. Help and aide is available through the differing programs in hospitals/clinics, counseling services/or centers, and mental health programs that are catering to that population.

Despite everything you may be facing in the present space and time in regards to the state of your mental health, THERE. IS. HOPE!

There are many that are rooting for you, standing with you, not to judge but to love and support. To point you back to the Savior, Jesus who can truly help and not just that but heal. The One who died on the cross for you and your freedom. The One who desires deeply to love you back to life when you feel like you’ve lost it or it’s gone.

Today as we celebrate World Mental Health Day let us first remember that it affects us all, those of every color and race. In different ways, as its never the same for everyone. It is important how we handle it though and in what manner. What may work for one, may not another. Find what works for you to ensure proper, positive, and healthy mental health.

Next, lets NOT be afraid or ashamed to talk about. So TALK!

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We will find that when we do, we won’t feel as alone or isolated as we may of once did but that now not only are there others who get it but there is also support. That equal ability to get as well as give support, wise advice and tell your story, and share experiences.

I always like to share any helpful tips or resources that I myself have found helpful or that I know others have said helped them. You can find them listed below:

A great resource I’ve found is a book by Richard Taylor Jr called Love Between My Scars.

Found here as well as more info about the author.

Another is Britney Moses of Unashamed Impact who now specializes in mental health. Below is her fan page:


She also has created a group to help those who struggle and who those who are recovering and want to help.

I HIGHLY recommend it! Link below.

World Mental Health Day is about providing the support that is extremely needed in our world today. As suicide and mental illness is at an all time high it seems. Let us be a listening ear and shoulder to cry on for another who may be struggling today. In those seemingly small gestures, we show the love of Jesus. Which the world definitely and desperately needs to know of and experience.

Make a difference in a life today!

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