Hello everyone,

Today, the 10th of October 2016 is World mental health day So what is word mental health day?

First celebrated in 1992, world mental health day is hosted by the World Federation of Mental Health, supported by the United Nations and more than 100 countries are involved in talking about mental health. The different countries talk about illnesses, treatments and how to prevent different illnesses. Each year they also set a different theme for the day, this year it is “Dignity in Mental Health-Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All”. In some countries, it is celebrated for the full week rather than just a day as well. The day opens up the discussion and makes people more aware of today’s mental health illnesses. Nearly 12% of the world's population is affected with mental health disorders. That doesn’t seem that much as a percentage, but when you say around 450 million it’s a different matter. According to the Samaritans, they reported that in 2013 6,708 people committed suicide in the UK and Republic of Ireland. The UK is also the highest population in Europe that self-harms with 400 per 100,000 people self-harming. Something that upset me and I found painful to learn, was that a shockingly 90% of people who suffer from different mental health illnesses, sadly experience stigmatism and discrimination according to Time to change.

With his fact in mind, I want to tell you about me.

Here’s a little secret if you didn’t know it already. I am currently suffering from depression, anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder, along with other things. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to write this post, mainly because the other day I got attacked online for apparently not actually suffering from any of these. This is all because I make videos about my depression etc and post them online. Apparently to this person I don’t look depressed and people like me make it harder for people who actually are suffering. My videos are a maximum of 10 minutes long, so the viewers are missing 23 hours and 50 minutes of the rest of my day. I upload ever 3-5 day’s (you do the math). So because I don’t seem depressed in these videos I’m lying apparently. Since then I have closed my YouTube account down, cried a lot, felt like I was back at square one, but you know what? I’ve also had an amazing amount of support and just as many people angry at this person. I was helping not only myself but others too, and now it’s been ripped away from me as well as others.

So let’s talk about depression, shall we?

The thing I can’t stress enough is depression is different for everyone. This is something my online mate doesn’t seem to understand. Some people might not even know what is getting them depressed, that doesn’t mean they’re not. With depression, you feel sad a lot of the time and it tends to be continual for weeks to months and sometimes even year’s.  You can be depression for a lot of different reasons such as:

·         Stress

·         Bereavement

·         Relationship problems

·         Bullying

·         Sleep problems

·         Chronic illness or pain

·         Life trauma

People try to battle depression in their own way. Mine was making videos along with help from my G.P and a therapist. There is number of self-help thing’s you can try such as:

·         Self-help books

·         Regular exercise

·         Healthy balanced diet

·         Plenty of sleep during the night

·         Reduce in alcohol intake

·         Meditation

If you are waiting to see a therapist or a counsellor, there are also online counselling websites out there as well.  You doctor may also prescribe antidepressants if they think you should need them.  The most important thing I can say is, your not alone, there will always be someone going through depression with you. Oh and don’t let anyone tell you what you are feeling.















Published by Vicky Watson