Okay, so a few moments ago I received a text message from James and he said “I want your Biblicalish opinion on female modesty.”  Yes, Biblicalish. James knows English. Anyways, since we are now past James wonderful spelling lets get to the meat of it.

I want to start out with what the world says how we should dress. I am going to do this by showing some images, and sharing my opinions on each.

Figure 1 below is one that is often seen, and known as the booty shorts. Why is it that females need to wear something this short?  One time I was walking around at an outdoor mall with my mom, and a girl maybe 16 or 17 was wearing jean shorts much like the woman in the picture below, and I just wanted to pull them down, I could literally see her butt. It was making me feel uncomfortable. You also have to keep in mind the thoughts you are putting through guys minds when you are wearing these items.

Figure 1: The Booty Shorts

Figure 2: The Cleavage Shirt

Figure 2 above is one that is also often seen. More so than the shorts, depending where you live. For some reason women have an obsession with needed to flaunt their breasts and showing how large they are. I don’t understand the obsession, but in all honesty it is not attractive to see two large balls of milk producing fat on your chest hanging out.

Okay, so I could keep going on about how the world sees modesty, but you live in the world. I think you get the point. Here’s what I am going to tell you. Stop it. You were Beautifully and Wonderfully Made by an amazing creator. You were made with purpose. Your body was not made to flaunt, and to tempt every male within a ten mile radius. It was made to one day please your husband. Now, I am not telling you to cover your entire body, and if you show your ankles your are a scandalous monster. I’m not telling you that you can’t wear shorts or tank tops. ( I don’t know what I would do if I could do that Oh my Lord…)

Look….You are beautiful. You don’t need to listen to what the media tells you to wear, you don’t have to look like a stupid Victoria Secret Model. Seriously. Your boobs don’t have to be hanging out to look good. Your butt doesn’t have to be almost showing to look good, it doesn’t have to be almost ripping through your leggings, dress or skirt either. Yeah I see you there.

Maybe you are reading this, and you are like, you have no right to judge me. It’s my body I can where what ever I want. You are right. Just keep in mind. There are men out there that you are attracting not because of your mind, laugh, jokes, the way you smile, the way your nose crinkles when you laugh , or that way lips twinge right before you sneeze. Its because you have a nice butt and boobs. You deserve better than that. You deserve everything in the world. It says in Proverbs 31 that you are worth more that Rubies, and you should be treated as such. It also says that she is dressed in  fine linens and purple which stands for royalty. Just think about all these things the next time that you get dressed.


PSALM 31 NIV (start at verse 10)


Published by Bailie Scheer