Today we are going to find out how Corrie ten Boom approached the subject of worry.
I hope you have been following along in this series. If not, you might want to go back and read the earlier parts before reading Part 3 of Worry.
Corrie ten Boom said "If you are worrying, you are being disobedient. I had to understand that before I could stop doing it. First, I tried in my own strength - positive thinking, not fretting anymore."
Have you tried this method to stop worry? I know I have and without any lasting victory. Let's go back to Corrie and see what happened.

"That approach was about as successful as attacking a lion with a toy pistol! Only the Lord can set you free through the Holy Spirit. Ask for forgiveness. Be cleansed by the blood of the Lord Jesus and be filled by the Spirit..."  ~ Corrie 

So first, we must see worry as SIN. Next we must confess it as any other sin and receive forgiveness. Then we need to let the Holy Spirit take control. This is the part where we become empowered to live free from worry. This is the life of abiding. Let's see how Corrie explains this.

  "The Lord Jesus gives a clear comparison in John 15. We are the branches, Jesus is the vine. Abiding - remaining - in Him is the secret. Jesus does the work of bearing fruit - Jesus, who bore our sins on the cross, Jesus, who is alive and whose Spirit lives in us; Jesus, the conqueror who makes us more than conquerors. I am weak; the devil is strong, but Jesus is much stronger than the devil. Therefore, Jesus and I together are much stronger than the devil, much stronger than the demon of worry.                   Through faith you have become a child of God, you have been saved, and through faith you also achieve victory over worry, fear and other sins. Cast your burdens on the Lord. You do that when you pray. Yes, prayer is so important." ~Corrie ten Boom   from the book - Reflections of God's Glory

The words from the old hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" come to my mind.

O what peace we often forfeit,
O what needless pain we bear,
all because we do not carry
everything to God in prayer!


Please join me in prayerfully reading John 15 this week where Jesus tells us about abiding in Him.

In Part 4 on Worry, we will hear more wisdom from Corrie ten Boom. Be sure to follow the blog so you won't miss anything. 

Bless you, as you walk everyday with the King


Published by Lynn Bradley