Would you think that your daily life style might lead to you to get cancer? Eighteen years ago, before I acquired cancer, I believed what modern medicine said about how precisely you get cancer. In those days they said it had been genetic, your ancestors passed down the illness to you. I believed what they said, they were the scientists with the answers. Then I acquired cancer of the prostate and affirmed it runs on the men's side of my family. Luckily I made a very wise decision. I decided to make use of Thompsonian Naturopathic Medicine to cure my cancer. That meant that I wasn't going to make use of modern medicine, I would definitely use natural healing techniques only.

The naturopathic doctor I worked with said that "yes I'd a genetic predisposition to get prostate cancer." Than he gave me a thumbnail sketch of how cancer gets started. We all have genetic weaknesses some weaker than others. Visualize the organs of your system just like a chain. Then note that chain pulled by your daily life style. If your daily life style is poor enough you will discover the weakest link, and the others may also be affected.

Well I found that mine were weaknesses in my own prostate, lungs, low back, right hip, right knee and liver. Those are my main weak genetic links. When I look back at those years before I contracted the cancer, those were the areas where I was suffering. My lungs were always giving me problems, I'd low back pain constantly, my right hip and knee were a challenge, and I'd plenty of severe pain involving the shoulder blades (a symptom of gall bladder, liver problems).

The naturopath said that if I changed my lifestyle enough, these problems would disappear combined with cancer.

I still had trouble believing that my lifestyle had anything related to the cancer. Here's why. I lived the conventional American life style. I was moderate in my own habits. I never did anything in excess. I did eat white bread; used sugar moderately, drank coffee once a day, and ate some meat. I ate what I thought were many fruits and vegetables and I took vitamin supplements. I ate junk food maybe once or twice a week. I was in great physical shape. In those days, I held a second-degree black belt in karate and I practiced daily. I was on no medications and I'd never experienced an important disease. Actually, I think I was above average in my own health habits.

Never the less, I trusted the naturopath and so I decided to complete exactly what he said would cure the cancer.

This doctor then said what I need to do, "you must stop doing everything you're doing together with your diet and lifestyle and do just the opposite ".So I stopped eating meat and ate vegetables, stopped eating refined white bread and ate 100 percent whole wheat, I stopped eating white rice and ate brown etc. I did something I'd never done; I started cleansing and detoxing and when I did I stopped eating solid food and I juice fasted with herbs.

I extended this to other areas of my life. I viewed my whole life and begun to go in the opposite direction. I stopped working for money and started working at a career I loved, to earn a living. I avoided or broke off relationships with negative people and situations. I established a direct relationship with God.

Well, to my surprise the cancer disappeared and so did the other problems, just because the naturopathic doctor said they would. I never returned to the old lifestyle and I'm now happier and healthier than I have ever experienced my life and I haven't drawn a tired breath in the last eighteen years.

Look at your daily life, have you been willing to exchange your daily life for your bad habits? Have you been so loyal to garbage foods that you would die as opposed to change? Since I became a Thompsonian Naturopath I have seen people die as opposed to change their life style. Think about this, it could be honorable to die as opposed to surrender, but choose an honorable reason for your death.

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Published by Whitney Morgan