I  was originally going to wrap up my 30 days challenge as i sit here sipping on this delightful energy drink that i bought with actual manageable money (Sweet pleasures of life) but i feel my attention is needed elsewhere.....

My attention is entirely devoted to New Zealander Tom Currie , who packed in his full time Job to hunt for Pokemon in the Eleven billion dollar stock addition known as  Pokemon Go! 

And my attention is entirely devoted to how frickin awesome that is. 

Tom quit his job at a coast cafe to travel around the country of New Zealand , in that time he has captured over 700 Pokemon. Originally stemming from a trip to his father and becoming hooked on the game , he has since handed in his resignation and searched far and wide in order to become a master trainer.

"He's quit his job!? For a game?! Idiot!" Screams Facebook comments of the Guardian entertainment section. "He'll never get a job again!" screams another. "WISH WE ALL HAD THAT TIME TO DO SILLY STUFF LIKE THAT , I HAVE HOLIDAYS TO DO STUFF , SIGN OF THIS GENERATION" someone venomously posts in capitol letters so you know they are especially bitter. 

For me , i have nothing but respect. 

Life is absolute dog dirt at times. People often trade their unhappiness for a shitty job in which they get paid little in exchange for making bastards rich. We are all guilty of losing sight of the goals that put us in those jobs for a reason , namely providing for our families and making them happy in sacrifice for our own individual happiness. 

Lets argue these quotes: 

"He's quit his job?! For a game?! Idiot!" 

He's quit his job for something that makes him happy , something he enjoys and something that appears to make himself fulfilled. Let's not forget that the same people typing these comments no doubt watch reality shows devoted to the very people who quit their jobs in order to participate.

Rather catch a Pokemon than piss myself on TV.Much more fun. 

"He'll never get a job again" 

The man is 24 , worked in a job for six years , he can always find a job again. Stuff like this actually makes you more employable , plus , setting up your own business these days technically could mean not actually having a job again. 

Kudos on that! 


Now for people who work as carers for loved ones , completely right , and so much props for loving someone so dearly that you would sacrifice your time in exchange for others. That i have so much respect for. 

But , it's his life , who are we to judge what he does with it? 

Now , the big beef i have with this quote is the "SIGN OF OUR GENERATION" tag.

I present to you all , the comparison round. 

Would you rather.....

Work a job for 50 years that makes you sick , unhappy , gives you an awful posture and robs you of happiness? 

Or ........

Take a year out from a job that i believe is unsatisfying and have some fun , a mini-retirement if you will then get back into a job hungry for success and more likely to progress? 

Happiness is a right in this day and age , if it is the sign of our times to not work in jobs that we do not like to do that doesn't fulfill any personal goals of you and loved ones , well i like these signs....... Because you must really have some deep embedded issues if you lose your head over someone who is happy collecting Pokemon who has not impeded your life in any way , shape , or form. Look at yourselves. Every generation must surely want happiness , so Tom is smashing it in those goals. Which is sweet. 

Props to Tom , for actually having fun with his life , times suck sometimes and happiness is the key. If he wants to catch Pokemon and be a Pokemon Master , well , i hope he's the best damn Pokemon master there ever was. Least he's happy , which is more than some people are who vomit negativity because they put themselves in those situations. 



Published by Nathan Barnes