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Hello guys! *waves hand* The tag I'm doing today, isn't an official book tag. I saw it over Zoe's YouTube Channel and thought it was a genius idea. I hope this counts as a book tag! I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to check out Zoe's video! SHE'S WITH MORGAN MATSON! (the embedded code works with desktop only. here's the link in case you're using a different device)

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I just finished The Unexpected Everything (finally) and I loved it! I decided it's just fitting to do this tag! I also love Morgan Matson ;)

Let's Get Started!

Go on a road trip with Amy or Roger?

Okay. Guess who hasn't read Amy and Rogers Epic Detour yet? Spoiler alertMe. I definitely need to get a copy soon! However, for this question, I definitely going with Amy. I've seen the playlists from the book and thought it would be an interesting, fun, and musical road trip if I'll go with Amy. That would be great.

Eat at Captain Pizza or Paradise Ice Cream?

Oh no. I love both Pizza and Ice cream! For, this one I choose Paradise Ice Cream. Whenever I read about the flavors in the books, I want to jump into the book and buy ice cream! Seriously though. I am up for Cookie Dough ice cream!

Never read again or never write again?

This is easy. Never write again. I'm not the best writer so I'd rather read.

Be the main character or the funny sidekick?

Funny sidekick! Sometimes, the interesting or fun characters are the sidekicks! Most of the time, I love the sidekick more than the main character!

Kiss a stranger or go skinny dipping?

Woah, okay. This is hard. Really. Probably, skinny dipping. I mean, it would be okay depending on the person you're with right? Maybe with my husband one day... hmm... weird.

Have your favorite book by her be a movie or a musical?

*I actually edited this question* My favorite so far is Second Chance Summer (however, I'm thinking about The Unexpected Everything and how much I love it) and it would definitely be better off as a movie. I don't see it working out as a musical.

Be best friends with PalmerToby, or Bri?

Palmer! I love Palmer! She's my favorite along with Clark. She's the mom of the squad, and definitely the most matured one. I think she's the kind of friend who can help you with almost anything! Just call her and she'll be there! ASAP.

Be, Room with, or Cliff: AndieEmily, or Amy?

I would cliff Amy, be with Emily, and room with Andie. I haven't really met Amy so goodbye Amy. Emily is sweet... I really like her personality. Andie sounds like a good roommate! I actually have the same answers with Morgan Matson. Yay!

Marry, Kiss, Or Cliff: ClarkFrankRoger?

I would cliff Roger, marry Frank, and kiss Clark! Ugh, wait. I can't decide between Clark and Frank! They're both sweet and cute! I guess Frank is a little more mature so that makes him a good husband. =) Wow, Morgan Matson makes such swoon-worthy guys!

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed! Have you read any of Morgan Matson's books?  Which one is your favorite?

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