Wow, it sucks

The five-star deluxe hotel was located in Las Vegas on the Fifth Avenue. It was always crowded with registrars, waiters and receptionists rushing through the marble gate. It was necessary to be fully prepared since whoever appeared were either wealthy or influential. They did not really care about giving a hundred bucks or two when coming to a negotiation about a billion business contract or a wine party held by an A-lister near the indoor swimming pool.

However, from a perspective of the crew, those customers showed no difference to walking wallets. Among all the workers no one can understand it better than the most welcomed receptionist who always stands in front desk and stars at the flow of people through the French window.

His name was Rich; a neat uniform and a pair of spotless white gloves normally met the requests of his position. Nevertheless, he was not satisfying unless he pinned his silver name budge and polished it over again to make it recognizable, nor was his duty getting out of interior gate and accompanying his guests along the whole process. It went like this:

“It is my great honor to serve you today.” He trotted towards diamond bracelets, shining parcels or fancy watches surrounded by the guardians or coquettish ladies even when their cars were not stopped completely and drag their luggage directly towards specific rooms to generate more tips. Hardly ever was he disappointed in such a situation. Then he would even polish their leather shoes with a full mouth of compliment.

Simultaneously, not all the visitors came for business or entertainment, like the migrant workers searched for delinquent bosses; a sugar girl wanted an end to the covert relationship. “You do not lodge here, do you?” Rich disdained those interrupters wearing muddy jeans and boots and kept up a delusion very successfully. “Sorry, we do not have your boss here today.” When the exact person was enjoying champagne upstairs. As for the poor girls, he would call them “dirty jerks” and call security. More bonus would be given once a “big deal” heard his effort to solve a hot potato or a sealing fee towards the scandal.

How clever the receptionist was! He was always so brisk that he earned the highest incoming among all his peers. Sure he was! What he had done so far was worth being proud.  

Then one day outside standing an old man, checking his watch from time to time. Steam clung to his glasses and sweat soaked his suit; without a companion, guide or assistant, he just come here on foot. “Obviously, he is not a big deal, look at his shoes.” The waiters wondered, “Just get rid of him.”

“Nice watch, dude. To be frank, if you would mind moving a bit, you are in the way.” The wise man stepped forward and slapped man’s shoulder to remove the dust. “Since your practical dress does not suit the atmosphere here.”

The old man, however, simple neglected the sneer and kept mute, without even looking at him. “Wow, it sucks. This is not a refugee camp and do not bring fleas in the hotel.” Rich’s voice emitted harshness. The old man, however, still showed no response.

At this point, a Rolls-Royce braked in front of them with its driver, the president of this hotel. Although Rich opened the door and bowed to ninety degrees, he still got fired by humiliating president’s father.

No more uniform, gloves or silver brand, he was homeless. When the dusk came, he had no choice but lodge a motel.

“Wow, it sucks.” a female worker recognized Rich as soon as he was trying to get a key, “I remember your face, snob. You kicked me out and shame me last time; no room for you, asshole. ”

Published by Sam Chen