World of Warcraft is a cult name in the online gaming arena, with more than 11 million monthly subscribers; it's indisputably the most popular massive multi-player online role-playing game. The online gaming world has many names, but WoW brings up a great sense of adventure for the players by offering online role-play, player v/s player (where online players play against each other), player v/s environment (where players defeat monsters and complete quests) and much more. The WoW playing tends to craft a fantastic setting which takes the players outside the real world and gives out high sense of exploration. It is more like a journey beyond one's imagination coupled with real challenges to deal with. As such WoW is simple to start up; players create characters, choose their factions and realms and control their characters within the game world. The most noteworthy difference between players in WoW is that of their faction. Those who are familiar with WoW will know that conventionally there are two factions in the game, Alliance and Horde. This is the way WoW is set up. The game has been extremely stringent on keeping the blockade between players from each faction to a maximum. It is almost impossible to talk in-game to a player from the other faction; you cannot deal with them and you cannot group with them. The Player vs. Player combat within the game is built strongly around this partition. The game then proceeds with the thumb rule of more development by advancing to more levels, this way characters gain more skills and talents with further progression.

WoW is the typical online game that evokes the senses and makes one thirstier of performing better and better so as to explore the game ahead. As the levels progresses, the challenges become tougher to meet. This is the classic strategy of graphical gaming that has been used in the best of the ways in WoW. This strategy works because it takes advantage of the player's curiosity, and as players explore new levels their interest in WoW amplify further. As you step forward through the levels of development by carrying out quests and combating monsters you add access to skills or spells which you can purchase off trainers. There are no restrictions on which ones you can have besides what level you are, and there are no restrictions on the quantity you may have. In-fact the only way in which players may diverge from the build of a character who is the same class, race and level as them, is by something called Talents. Talents are fundamentally extraordinary abilities and skills such as sword mastery for a warrior, which makes you more efficient with swords, and improved fireball as a mage, which decreases the casting time of your fireball. You begin to receive talent points at level 10, and each point may only be used once. There are far more talents in the game than the amount of talent points you will receive by level 60 (the max level), and therefore this allows for players to vary their character's area of expertise from other players.

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