There's hardly any relation between cars and wristwatches if you try to connect the dots. Yet, car enthusiasts at large are drawn to stylish watches. Their passion for cars and excitement for watches go hand in hand.

Imagine, a wrist wrapped with a stylish watch placed on the steering wheel. How elegant it appears to be! Don’t you agree? Wear a modish, ultra-elegant watch and flaunt your corporate look all the more. In fact, a good wristwatch gives a commercial touch to your body language.

Want to satisfy your inner car enthusiast? Here are some super-suitable wristwatches that complement the persona of a car enthusiast!

Torek's Impressive Timepiece

The latest model; Torek black is a highly attractive wristwatch. It is generally suitable for lads in their twenties. With an affordable price, it can be purchased by anyone and everyone.

All the college-going car enthusiasts would be glad to add this to their collection. Torek black will be a decent attribute to their overall look. With distressed jeans and a tee followed by a jacket, you can don a super-smart Torek in black to enhance your look.

Torek black would be a smart choice for car enthusiasts as long as they don’t get bothered by the size of its case. It is rectangular and, the strip is neither too narrow nor too wide. The medium-sized buckle is the latest fashion challenging the old-school broad buckles.

A Black Casado Catches Every Eye

Casado is the sheer symbol of resistance.

The black Casado csd173×168wc is basically the combination of the company’s two best-designed watches. With this on your arm, your wrist does the talking. Moreover, the attractive combination of black and silver, and black and blue, your charm would be irresistible.

It rates amongst one of the most recent in-demand timepieces. The smart pair of two slightly distinct pieces sets the watch apart from the rest. Although black is the primary color in the two pieces, a slight touch of silver and blue would create a noticeable difference.

The black Casado has every element a car enthusiast would ask for. From the first glance, it appears to be a masterpiece with no other product in close proximity.

Movado Men's Heritage - Sophisticated

By far, the most sophisticated and masculine piece is Movado men’s heritage - 3650028. With a round, golden ion-plated steel case and stitched brown leather buckle, this wristwatch seems to be a perfect match for car enthusiasts.

Golden and brown are a beautiful combination equal to none. The gold-toned hands and thin minute index in white enhance the product’s worth.

The watch’s color and design captivate the eye of car enthusiasts with a finesse of contrast. If you look at it for the first time, you can’t get your eyes off of it.

Movado Swiss Automatically Fills the Bill

Movado is a promising brand that’s why we’re discussing it once again. This gold-toned leather-made black Movado watch is the biggest surprise for car enthusiasts. Its urbanity is not found in any product else.

The contrast of black and gold adds poise to your already dignified persona. The spell it casts at the first gaze is undeniable.

With a perfectly round golden-colored watch in the middle, along with a white minute index, the black leather-made buckle finds a suitable match that preeminently lauds its counterpart on the other end.

Bulavo Men's Croco Leather Band

This is a classic piece of Croco-embossed brown leather. The center of this piece is really attractive. The brown buckle goes really well with the rose gold round watch. It ameliorates the quality of the timepiece.

The dial is available with date window having a transparent white texture. It looks perfect on every wrist. Having a look at this elegant piece, you get reminded, time is precious.

The unique design of the leather-made buckle tops the list if we begin listing all the features. Nonetheless, all other features fall in their perfect places.

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive - Compelling 

The citizen eco drive has a mesmerizing silver color and is also the most popular choice for a watch. It possesses dual-time functions and a date window at the four ‘o clock position. The black minute and date index complement the sophisticated silver buckle made of steel.

Not just car enthusiasts but swimmers are really fond of this timepiece as it is water-resistant. It has a crystal dial window attached to it. The features comprise 1/20-chronograph and a calendar, and a screw-back case. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is a multitasking gadget that can be called more than just a watch.


Car enthusiasts are lured into collecting numerous stylish watches, and the reason is no riddle. There’s magnetism in everything you’re enthusiastic about. Thus, car enthusiasts are naturally tempted to buy various branded watches.

So, next time your inner car enthusiast feels like splurging on a watch, make sure to check out these first.


Published by Inder Singh