It's becoming a recent trend to make famous books into movies. Is it because the readers want to see it brought to life? The director wants to take his/her idea on it? Or is the novel underrated and it  deserves to be heard? In a way, books are just like movies and TV series.

Too many of you, it's no surprise that they’re similar. Both contain creating three acts. Both have you make the most important thing… A story!

How Does Thinking Like This Help you Become a Better Writer?

TV Series:

When writing the chapters of your novel, you want to keep it interesting in each chapter. Just like a TV series, they want each episode to catch their audience. Depending on how your chapters are… Make each chapter as if you’re writing a TV series. Let it have an ending that will draw your readers to continue to read. I don’t exactly mean, have a huge cliffhanger on each chapter. But leave your characters with a problem and the reader dying to know how the will conquer it.


    Movies can help a writer think about the overall form of their novel. It allows you to see what major points you're trying to bring out. Instead of thinking for a theme to go out through each chapter, now you have to think of the theme throughout the entire novel.

If you're a novelist or a script writer, it's good to keep this mindset. Think about your favorite movies, TV series, or books. Think about what made them work. It could work for you!

Published by Shannell Assem