In this challenge we call 'life', we often encounter issues that we cannot conclude on. Whether it be deciding what to eat or whether it's time to change path. Whatever it may be, making an ultimate decision can take time, tears and troubles. When these issues are presented to me, I often spent hours, days, sometimes even weeks to get a result from thinking. With being analytic to a fault, my problem paces through the hall of mirrors that is my mind and often stares at itself in every single reflection; critiquing, pondering and weighing the entirety of positives and negatives to a situation. However, this method rarely succeeds in providing me with the answers I need and is more often than not, a burden that weighs heavily on my shoulders. 

There's only one way I have found that works. Every single time. No matter how turbulent my emotions are and how foggy my mind has become. Writing. When I am failing to be honest with myself, I always find that I can be truthful on a page. I open the Notes app on my phone and blurt out the entire contents of my brain. Vigorously typing, until I have unravelled the knots in an issue and completed a concluding paragraph. 

With a 100% success rate, I advise my fellow writers and worriers to do the same. Just write. Whatever comes to mind when you look at that page, jot it down, (or type it, like I do) and do not stop. You must engrave every thought that occurs without question, onto that page. After a few minutes you will achieve flow and you will find yourself answering questions that you hadn't even considered asking. Just like that, you continue. Until you find yourself at the door to your being with a key that you had all along. Like rummaging through a handbag full of receipts from coffee you bought 6 months ago and tubes of lipstick you thought you would never see again, you must explore your mind, for the answer is always within yourself. 

No matter what problem you are currently facing in this challenge that we call 'life' you can always discover your heart on a page or in between the spaces of ink, (or in my case, screen). After you do so, a sense of comfort reaches your core and you can finally relax, (a peculiar concept in the modern world, I know). No more thinking, no more mirror-mazes and no more pain. This is why you must write your wrongs.

Published by Molly Dickinson