Growing up, writing was my outlet. I love writing and telling stories. I even used to draw pictures to go along with the stories. It was a true passion of mine and still is. That is why the connection between Patchet and I felt so genuine. It was an amazing experience. Pachet is a mother of four and I am sure that writing keeps her sane. Three years ago, Pachet started her company Enduring Ink which is currently a virtual writing boutique. Her boutique gives you the opportunity to purchase writing materials that will help you reflect through writing, journaling, and blogging.

Pachet’s goal for her daughters and other young girls is leading by example. She uses her talents to help others and to encourage them to love who they are and to be who they are. Her experience working in a mental health facility helped her to understand the mindset of others, which gave the ability to understand what they need. I recently signed up for her weekly newsletter that keeps you updated on writing workshops and events and leaves you inspired with weekly inspiration. She’s been writing since age six and the benefits through journaling inspired her to create her brand and it has been one of her biggest, personal accomplishments ever.

As an author, Pachet has published The Optimist’s Guide to Journaling, which is available on Amazon.  It highlights the benefits of journal writing and the different types of journaling. Her recent publication, Everyday Bible Study Journal,  is ideal to kick start your faith filled journey to building your relationship with God. The journal includes 30 days worth of bible study pages, sermon notes, and additional reflection pages for you. Brown Girls Journal is Pachet next project. This project will focus on women of color. It will guide them through ways to challenge their writing skills and to learn how to use writing as a way to reflect about everyday issues women of color face daily.

I enjoyed the interview with the new mother. I love her updates on her new baby girl. That is something both are going to look back on that will strengthen their relationship. I recommend linking up with her to learn more about writing. Her workshops are very specific and helps with learning the positive benefits of journaling. To find out more about Pachet, click on the links below.




Published by Myeka Johnson