I have been struggling to write.

I have words inside me; but right now they are not flowing onto the page.

I am blocked. I know it is my own self, I am blocking my own creative flow.

This has been a time of healing for me. Of change. Of growth. 

And it is a time of challenges. 

It is a time where I am learning to allow. To flow. 

To realize I want more for some people than they want and hope for themselves. Learning that no matter how hard I try I cannot fix it.  

Learning that some things are not meant to be. 

Some paths are not meant for me and I can stop fighting and trying so hard.  Not everything is my responsibility to fix. 

Learning to let go.  Release.

Moving on. Silence. Lessons.


Challenges. Frustration. Learning to accept and not to feel as deeply.  Not to be as driven and forced. 

I'm learning to be peaceful. Learning about acceptance. Allowing things to be. Understanding and accepting that while certain things are not the way I believe they should be, and certain things hurt me; I cannot change those things.

No matter how hard I try, or how hard I fight.  

Reflection. Change. 

I feel calm. I have made more huge steps forward and this is a massive transition in my life. I have changed habits, patterns, ways of thinking and learned so much. 

I still have a long way to go. 

The words will return and they will flow. 

Do you get creative blocks when dealing with personal challenges? 



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