Apparently, I had writer's block.   Maybe I was bored?  Maybe I didn't have anything to write about? Maybe, I was too busy?   Maybe my creative writing skillz  were depleted.  Or, maybe I fell in love with crocheting.

Yep, I confess, the crochet hook had me hostage.

I do love to write.  It is soothing and comforting to me.  It allows me to escape whatever needs to be escaped.  It also allows me to ramble when I want to ramble.  The sound of fingertips hitting the keyboard is like music to me. Of course seeing all the errors that follow can be comical.  I don't get hung up on that, though.

This post isn't anything really.  I guess you can call it  "A post about nothing'.  Sound familiar?  If you are a Seinfeld fan you got that one.  Oh how I miss that show.  Luckily, I found the box set at my parents house. I confiscated it awhile back hoping to indulge myself from time to time.

I was going through my latest posts, and see how my health journey changed some. I still go to my lady who does the lymphatic drainage therapy, as I feel that helps.  However, I have now seen a list of doctors and specialist.

On my last Dr. questionnaire (liver doctor) it asked if I was stressed.  That was funny to me.  I wrote this down.  "I have 3 children 10, 8 and 4 on summer break, and I'm married. I have mounting doctor bills, and a deductible that I'm only  a 1/4 of a way through. Yeah, you can say I am stressed. Does it really matter if I have one margarita?"

I was a bit sarcastic, maybe moody that day.  I think most of all, I was scared and tired. I tend to go through humor, sometimes dark, to release the negative energy.  It helps.

With more tests and more test, you can say I am still a mystery.  Although, they have now focused on my liver.  Interesting how it started with my ears and head, all the while was a sign from my liver.  The body is a complex thing.

Last I heard was it looked like I drank 10 beers a night, and on one test, 2 bottles of vodka a night. My numbers are triple the amount they are  suppose to be.  No, I don't drink.  They have pinpointed something, but waiting on another test for confirmation.  A possible liver biopsy could be in my near future, but not confirmed.  Waiting for a week and trying to resist the evil Dr. Google is almost impossible.  I wear my phone in my bra so I do not miss the call.

Day 7 (yes I counted weekends, and the holiday.  They are days, after all, regardless if they work them or not) and still waiting.

Here I am, my fingers speaking, and my heart sharing.

I am curious, who else has had to wait a long week or longer for answers?  Or worst yet, another dead end?  Share with me.  I would love to read them.

Till then,


Published by Eydie Aarhus