For 6 years I have been writing about celebrity gossip. Growing up it was one of the things that I wanted to do, that actually seemed feasible. Apparently being a lawyer/doctor/actor just seemed too out there for my parents. Writer was an iffy one for them too but eventually I proved them wrong. For a long time after I started my blog, I avoided writing about the Kardashians. I would write about soap actors, Lindsay Lohan. Then one day, I realized if I wanted to get more people to read my stuff, I would have to write about the black stain on pop culture. After my first Kardashian post was published, I went from a few hundred pageviews every day to literally thousands. It made me sick to think that I was a sell out, but I was and am. 

Over the years, I started focusing on other projects. My fiction portfolio got a big boost from the free time I had. Slowly though, I started to go back to my gossip passion. It was fun, when I woke up in the morning there was a smile plastered on my face. Then I realized that the number of people who were reading the blog had dwindled. For a while I chalked it up to the fact that I hadn't been writing for a while and my fans weren't expecting any new posts from me. After about a month though, I knew what the problem was. There hadn't been a post about the Kardashians and the thought about writing one made my skin crawl. 

As it happened though, I had read about Bruce Jenner finally revealing that he was transgender. As someone who is part of the LGBT community, I was proud of her. It was also enough to get me to write about the family without feeling like taking a hot shower, and sitting with my knees to my chest, rocking back and forth. That post literally rocketed out of the stratosphere and in a manner of days became the most read post of 2014. It was a miracle, no icky feeling and my blog was alive and kicking. 

Early in 2015 though, the dirty feeling started coming back. More and more I was chasing the dragon. The mythical article that would set me apart and bring me great success. That one story that I could follow and move from celebrity gossip blogger to celebrity gossip magazine writer. Each and every time though, I was told the same thing, we want someone to write about the Kardashians. Once in a while was bad enough but to do it over and over again, full time was too much. 

Once again I went back to blogging. Not hardcore, one post a day but it was a start for me. My stats steadily rose and I thought well OK, I don't have to write about that family. Then I did. It was a story that truly intrigued me, like the Caitlyn Jenner story. Except this one was a throwback to the soap operas that I used to love growing up. A rumor was swirling around that Blac Chyna had cheated on Rob Kardashian and the baby she is carrying was not his. The post took me no time to write and I enjoyed myself. And the funny thing is that, once again the pageviews were as high as Caitlyn's coming out story. There is still a part of me that is ashamed that I choose to write it though. Almost like I'm a sell out. 

Published by Ed Anderson