Through all of secondary and my undergraduate degree, I never felt I was a strong writer. My instructors would always say that I needed to be more concise, that I needed to use more references, that I had too many run-on sentences, too many commas, not enough commas - whatever makes someone a bad writer. So I always hated writing. 

In the past year or so though, I didn't hate writing so much. Mostly because I started journaling and blogging regularly. These felt like avenues where I could write without critique. Without somebody telling me that what I was writing about wasn't "right" . And it made me fall in love with writing. I enjoy it immensely.

The past few months however, I haven't been writing. I chalked it up to a busy summer full of assignments, working part-time and trying to have a social life. And I would come to My Trending Stories, hoping to write something after being inspired by an article I read or some situation that made me think. But every time I went to write, I would get two or ten lines in... and hit delete. It never felt organic. Or worth reading. Or just right.

When it comes to my writing, I'm still not entirely sure I'm a great writer. Despite having been told by more than a few people that my writing is good, it still feels like somebody is going to read what I've written and critique it. Even as I'm writing this, I just made a mental note that the last sentence you read was run-on. So maybe it hasn't been my busy schedule but rather, a kind of writer's block.

That's the tough thing about writing. You want whoever is going to read it to be interested. To want to keep reading. To take something from your work. To start a discussion. You want it to matter. And when it feels like it won't matter to anyone, you don't bother to write. But I think that was my mistake this summer. Instead of writing for myself, I wanted to write for others. And that set me back.

So today, I'm going to go back to writing for me. I'm going to write the way that I like. I'm going to write about things that matter to me. Because in this incredibly vast and ever-changing world, I think that no matter what I write, it will matter to someone. And if it doesn't, so be it. It matters to me.

Published by Michelle Teo