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Kyle Ricketts


“I thought I’d made it clear; we have a no abduction policy”

“She wasn’t cooperating. What did you expect me to do?”

Flek rubbed his eyes, “I expect you to do nothing; do you know how much trouble abductions have caused in the past? There’s a reason the policy exists!”

Nibi looked at Flek, defiance written all over his face, “You don’t honestly believe those stories do you?”

“They’re not stories Nibi, it’s in the history annals,” Flek replied, looking down at the being Nibi had brought back onto their ship.

Nibi looked at the being as well and sighed, “Why didn’t she just cooperate?”

“It’s not in their nature,” Flek said, “They still fight among themselves, against their own species. They’re primitive,”

“They’re not so primitive,” Nibi said, gesturing to something floating past their windows.

Flek watched as the satellite went past.

‘Yes, they’ve managed to get machines into orbit. But look at their cities, their transport. Could you imagine trying to get around like that?”

Nibi didn’t answer; instead he turned and looked down at the planet they were hovering over.


It teemed with life and was the bluest planet he had ever seen. Their own planet was grey and had one area that supported life. The rest of the planet was uninhabitable, and with their ever growing population and shrinking area of inhabitable space, their government had looked to space to find their salvation.

One planet, many years ago had shown promise.

But then a solar flare, from the star at the centre of the system, had completely wiped out the atmosphere of the planet. The pre settlement colony that had been deployed was destroyed, as was everything else; the planet was made barren and red.

In a fortunate series of events, a planet just beyond it had caught scientist’s attention. It was full of life, had habitable land and had a far more pleasant environment than their own planet.

They had sent a probe down to investigate.

The pictures that had come back were incredible.

An ecosystem of semi evolved beings had taken over the planet, creating their own infrastructure and modes of transport.

They had been ordered to help them.

Then a government regime change had happened, they had started to experiment on what the new government called ‘lesser beings’. The intergalactic council heard of the atrocities being committed, and  the No Abduction Policy was introduced. Nibi had directly violated it by bringing this homo-sapien on board.


 “So what do we do now?” Nibi asked.

Flek sighed, “We delete the log for the transbeam, do the experiments as if she willingly accepted, then put her back,”

Nibi nodded and asked, “Why are we even doing this to them? What is the point?”

“The point, Nib, is because of some compound in their atmosphere, we can’t survive on that planet. If we can figure out how they can, then we can exterminate them and take the planet for ourselves,”

Nibi nodded,” Let’s get to work,”

Published by Kyle Ricketts