As you all know by now, I love to write. Either it is to do lists, blogs, stories; novels and short. So I have decided to write done some tips that I have always found helpful when it comes to sitting down and getting the words onto paper (or screen!).

One: "Read lots, listen lots, write lots and don't expect the world." - Emma Carroll.

One of my favourite authors, Emma Carroll, once gave me the advice to read, listen and write lots. With a little help from Emma, I suggest that you go and read. Either the genre that you want to write or a genre that you never thought of writing. Listen, listen to the writers, listen to their own writing story, listen to feedback. Write anything, get used to writing different words, get used to putting whatever is in your head onto paper.

Two: Make a playlist.

One thing that always seems to help me is making a playlist. If I'm writing from a certain characters point of view I always make a playlist of songs that my character would listen too. This helps me get into their mindset. Also, it helps me move the story along and develop new ideas.

Three: Try to find words to replace 'Very'.

For example;

very noisy - deafening.

very perfect - flawless.

very simple - basic.

Four: Take a break.

Once you have finished a draft or a chapter, take a few days for your work to sit and wait for you. If you are re-reading your work as soon as you've written it then your mind won't recognise mistakes as much. But, if you were to leave it then come back to it a few days later your mind will work as if you've read it before and all the mistakes will be screaming at you.

Five: Get someone to read your work back to you.

Hearing your story back to you from another person perspective will help you understand your writing more. Hearing it back also give you the feel of how it sounds, so you can go back and change whatever doesn't sound right to you. Another thing, you will be able to hear how difficult people are finding it to read or how easy flowing it is.


There are a few writing tips from me, let me know if you find any of these helpful!

Published by Beth Gleghorn