So, I thought I would start a new feature on my blog. It is going to be called writing Wednesday and there’s where I am going to write anything that I am inspired to do so on that particular day. 
Everybody is welcome to join in, of course, and you can do that by either writing something in the comments or giving me a pingback to your work. (It goes without saying that you should feel free to share your work if you get the urge to do so!)
What am I going to use as my inspiration this week?
The word… Broken
There are no rules regarding limit of words, but try to keep it below 500 to keep people’s interest :-)
I thought I would try something different today. I thought I would give poetry a go. Please let me know what you think of my attempt. Let’s see how this turns out.
I am broken
Pieces of me missing
People, pets, inspirations
All laid claim to something
As we grow
The loss cuts so deep
It is something we cannot stop
There is nothing left to do but weep
I am broken
But I do not want the pieces back
What took them deserved them
The holes just add the to the black


Published by Angie Trafford