I am a work in progress.

I am a world of possibilities

A novel written through time

An unknown galaxy evolving in my mind

I am the author, you are the reader.

My writings influenced by experiences and circumstances in my own dimension.

Within are constellations of my various perspectives, personalities, and feelings.

You, the reader will interpret my words infinitely

You, the astronomer scrutinizing my being

Opinions, judgment, discoveries and interpretations will be uncountable

As the atoms in my own mind are always moving

As my thoughts collide and change in patterns and orbits.

The dots will connect in multiple ways

As constellations evolve in my brain,

As stars die and are born every day,

As we fade to nothing each day.

We are only matter.

A spec in a vast space

Our legacy found in dust

But our legacies are the voices in our heads

Yes, we are only made up of cells

But our consciousness makes us infinite,

Like exploring the milky way in a diameter of our brain

One day we will all explode and disappear, leaving black holes and fragments in this universe.

We are memories and thoughts contained in a functioning vessel that will one day rot.

And what we will leave in this realm are the interpretations of our dreams, words, movements and feelings.

Not by our own perspectives but of other beings.

Originally posted in my personal blog https://impulsiveartinallforms.wordpress.com/

Published by Impulsive art in all forms