Alton Sterling, a man shot in an encounter with two police men who were responding to a 911 call made by a homeless man in Baton Rouge, LA. This innocent man's life was stolen from him all because the homeless man made a false accusation. Sterling was selling CD's outside a store, the homeless man kept approaching him for money and Sterling finally told the man to leave him alone, then proceeded to show that he was armed. Alton Sterling did nothing wrong, but try to make money to provide for his family.

Days later five policemen in Dallas, TX. were killed by a veteran who turned a march of protest into a blood bath. A protest stating that too many Black lives are being senselessly taken and not properly brought to justice. The loss of lives in just this past week are heartbreaking.

I love reading the news apps on my phone ( L.A.Times and N.Y. Times) every morning during breakfast and even catch up on news during the evenings when I have time. Keeping up with my country and current events. Everyday I become more and more apprehensive to even click on my apps or turn on my TV because the level of positive news is less and less. My head aches when I read/ hear about our innocence being senselessly murdered by terrorists, but to hear the our own people are taking each others lives is heartbreaking and baffling. Question, at what point do we say, "Enough is enough?". Seriously! This world is going down shit street at an alarming pace. We're caught in a negative ripple effect.

We are all humans.. We all have beating hearts... We all breathe in the same oxygen supply... This isn't about what color your skin is, your ethnicity or your race. Whatever you want to hashtag your tweets... this is about human lives being taken.. this is about innocent souls being murdered. We are fighting enough with outsiders, turning on one another is insanity. What the Fuck!


Published by Derra Sabo