X-Men 2000.


My first thought, wow nice graphics for the 2000’s .


My second thought Anna Paquin (Rogue)has a good southern accent( the is from NZ)


Wolverine is hilarious.


Oh wait, same lines and scenes from the new one.


MY final thought was, jin is lame. Why she doesn’t use her powers. She is the most powerful. Her eyebrows look angry by the way.


Anyway, I had a lot questions and my boyfriend was like just watch the movies. 


The thing that realised In this movie is why Mystic and nightcrawler is with the bad guys.  Its because with this universe the mutants were hiding for many years and when they came out people freaked out. On the other universe though when the mutants came out was at the 60-80s were when people already are in the mode of changing , like women being more respected, the black people trying to free themselves from racism and etc. So people are in the “mode” of change so it was easier for them to accept mutants, of course there are still people that were cautious of them. 



So here it;s my first theory and they going to keep coming with all of them. I will try and explain the changes that happened in the both universes. 

Published by Elektra Bakhshov