Checking out reviews of books!

Overflowing Bookshelves looks at Dreamfall from Amy Plum.  This story follows a group of strangers with sleep disorders who end up trapped in a world made up of their nightmares when an experiment goes wrong.  IT has been optioned for a TV adaption.

Cale Dietrich’s debut The Love Interest takes place in a world a mysterious organization seeks to manipulate people with important destinies by sending them two love interests to choose from, one good and one bad.  Lair of Books gave it an enthusiastic review, while booktuber Itsjanelindsay was even more impressed.  The My Thoughts… Literally blog was more critical, but still ultimately gave it a good review.

Marie Lu’s Warcross is probably one of the more anticipated YA books coming out before the end of the year, and reviews have begun to come out for novel.  Overflowing Bookshelves gave it a glowing review, noting that her lack of gaming experience didn’t pose any problems even though gamin is a big part of the plot.  Great Imaginations was similarly impressed with the book, even if she easily predicted at least part of the ending.  Meanwhile, the Penguin Teen website takes a look at the world of the novel and the game in question.

Linsey Miller’s Mask of Shadows, the tale of a gender-fluid assassin, has been receiving some mixed reviews,  Mundie Moms notes that it was difficult to form any connection with the characters, while The YA Kitten has a more positive take on the story.

Booktuber Peruse Project takes a very positive look at The Last Magician from Lisa Maxwell, while Lair of Books was very impressed with When I am Through With You from Stephanie Kuehn, which tells the story of a school camping trip that left one of the campers in jail.

The Ghosts Inside takes a look at In Other Lands from Sarah Rees Brennan.  I was a big fan of Brennan’s Lynburn Legacy series, and this positive review of a reluctant young hero who is transported from modern Earth to a fantasy world has only made me more interested in checking out her latest release.  Sadly it so far has not made an appearance at one of my local stores.

Literary Dust looks back at the first book in the Dorothy Must Die series, while Midnight Book Girl takes an in depth look at I’m Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl from Gretchen McNeill.


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