Located in the heart of paradise Both Antigua and Grenada are located in the heart of the Caribbean region. Thanks to the fabulous beaches and good weather all year round, these two islands are popular tourist’s destinations. 

Antigua and Grenada are parts of two different states. The state of Grenada is located in the West Indies group of islands and occupies the large island of the same name and a small group of islands of the South Grenadines. Antigua is a part of Antigua and Barbuda state, which is located in the same region. Antigua is the largest island in the state and its main tourist center. Both Antigua and Grenada are washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. These islands have a volcanic origin and are surrounded by coral reefs. They have lots of beautiful sandy beaches, luxury hotels, and entertainment complexes.

Explore their bright and festive culture

Both of these islands attract tourists with bright tropical festivals. In Grenada, these are Carioca Regatta, Rainbow City, and Carnival of Grenada. The main cultural events in Antigua are the Sailing Week and the Carnival. Traditional carnivals celebrate the liberation of slaves.

You absolutely have to participate in at least one carnival! You will get the happiest memories that will last a lifetime. Bright costumes, tropical music with drums, and rhythmic dances will give you the brightest impressions of your life. Carnivals also include races, various shows, parades, fairs, and competitions for you to participate. Attending the carnival and taking part in it is also a great way to get to know the authentic culture of Grenada and Antigua.

Authentic Caribbean cuisine

The cuisine of these two islands was influenced by English and French conquerors; however, local people still managed to create their unique world of tastes and flavors. Grenada, for example, is famous for its breadfruit tree dishes like Oil Down, which consists of breadfruit stewed in milk, salted meat (or chicken), saffron, and other spices. Another distinctive feature of Grenadine dishes is their one common ingredient, which is nutmeg. You can find it everywhere! It is put into sauces, soups, seafood, biscuits, pies, egg grog, cocktails, and even ice cream!

As for drinks, locals prefer cold herbal tea. When the weather is super-hot, they also drink ice-cold fruit juices and coconut milk. Antigua is also famous for its rum. If you ever decide to try some, start with Cavalier. It is considered to be the best and is added to various types of rum punch and cocktails.

Best all-year-round weather

Antigua and Grenada have a subequatorial tropical climate. The average monthly air temperature is +25-28°C. The coldest months are November, December, January, and February. The dry season lasts from January to May in Grenada and from February to April in Antigua. The most comfortable period for staying is from December to May.

Fascinating places you absolutely have to see

Grenada is not rich in traditional historical and cultural monuments. Even its capital, the city of St. George, mostly attracts tourists with its beautiful views. However, the island can surprise you with various natural sights:

  • The Grand Anse beach,
  • The Seven Sisters Waterfall,
  • Levera National Park.

Antigua, on the other hand, attracts visitors with famous historic places like Nelson Dockyard. It is an old English naval base. This historical monument includes a museum, barracks, souvenir shops, and a multimedia center.

Yacht charter Antigua

Discover the beautiful coast of Antigua and its nearby islands by taking a yacht charter! You will be able to explore the nature of Caribbean islands, their culture, and iconic views. And don’t forget to try local cuisine, which is famous for its spices and sea products. Especially popular among tourists is the exquisite Antigua seafood like lobsters, red snappers, shellfish, and flying fish. You may even do the fishing yourself!

Grenada yacht charter

Learn more about Grenada, its nature and people by sailing on the yacht along the beautiful coastline!  Explore the unique coral reefs and get to know its inhabitants. The crystal clear water will show you all of its treasures. All you need is a yacht charter and diving equipment! And if you are into something more intriguing, visit the underwater sculpture park.

Published by Arina Smith