Hey everyone!

Today's blog post is all about Yardley London Body Lotion that i bought a month ago and i am already in love with it ♥ . I am surprised as to why is it not the most-talked-about lotion.

  • It retails for 100 bucks(INR) for 100ml of the product and comes in a pump pack[reason i love it even more].


  • It feels light on the skin and does not feel or look greasy at all.
  • The thing i love most about this is the fragrance. It smells oh-so-fresh and fragrance lasts for good 2-3hrs.
  • Convenient for travel. Pump can be locked and thus tension free :D
  • Smoothen skin.

In all I am very happy that i chose this and totally recommend to anyone looking for body lotions.

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