Chapter 13




Father, I have seen people, who appeared to be zealous for God, fall by the wayside so hard, it is as if they'd never heard the Word of God.


I have seen pastors who claim to be God's shepherds turn their back on people they have accepted into the flock; never going to visit or talk to them; and never questioning their whereabouts; and shunning them in the sight of others.


People become out of sight and out of mind to them, yet, they claim to have the mind and heart of Christ. What shepherd does not tend to all the Master's sheep in the flock? What shepherd forsakes the lost?


Ministers have confessed to me that they are not free of racial prejudice, yet, they claim to love and follow Jesus. They glorify their work and calling, when they don't even love the people they are called to serve. My Lord! How and why I ask?


FATHER: Their expectations of their God are self-serving.


ME: What drives men and women to such madness and hypocrisy? Do they actually believe You don't see and know what is in their hearts? Do they actually believe that You don't care?


FATHER: They worship themselves. If they haven't surrendered themselves to me, then, they really don't know me or my Word. I become what they want me to be in their minds.


ME: Father...


FATHER: My child, they cannot accept the bitter with the sweet.


ME: I'm tired Father.


FATHER: Rest, child.


ME: They mislead others Father.


FATHER: Wait...


ME: Wait for what Father?


FATHER: Wait on the Lord.


(I briefly fall asleep and awaken; my thoughts continuing upon how people can be deceived. Then, a voice too familiar speaks, having listened in on my thoughts.)


FATHER: Even if you tell them, they cannot hear you. Their hearts follow man.


They cannot accept the bitter with the sweet.


Those who have heard the truth and return to darkness are better off having not heard for now they must bury themselves even deeper within darkness to forget the Truth which was revealed to them.


They return (to darkness) thinking they can hide from themselves. They look for reasons to blame others for their misery, when it is their refusing to die to self which continues to be their downfall.


ME: These pastors and priests, with hardened hearts Father, they're living a lie.


FATHER: Be careful that you do not harden your heart. They are men like any other men. Trapped inside an insanity brought on by a lie built upon another lie and another, until they can't remember how they got there or how to escape. Some have been born and raised in ignorance. It is all they know and want to know. Their pride runs deep within self. Wait, I say.


Do not let this become a distraction to you.


(I arise for the evening to be with family and have my evening meal. Then, return to my slumber, until I awake within the late hours of the night, hearing...)


FATHER: They can see you.


(Then, I remember thinking...)


ME: If they can't hear me Father, is there any hope in freeing them?


FATHER: They can see you. They follow man.


Relationships...it is all about relationships. Earn their trust with Perfect Love.  Then, lead them to my Son. They will awaken. He will awaken them.


Remain faithful. Trust Me and obey.


Do not look upon the flesh, if you truly love my sheep. I have looked into your heart and you know what I have seen. Be a worthy vessel; for I am with you.


ME: Father, help me to abide in You always, as You abide in me. You are forever faithful to me.


FATHER: Then, follow. Keep your eyes on My Son and He will keep your heart on Heavenly things. Let your Light shine through the darkness to lead them out.


(I dose off again and awaken in the early morning, while darkness is still upon the sky. Somewhat disoriented, I find myself raising my left hand and putting my right index finger in the middle of my palm, as if something is supposed to be there, or I was about to write something there. Again, my Father speaks.)


FATHER: Write this upon hearts with the Light that flows from thy hand.


ME: Father, the night has slipped away and each time I have awakened You have been here waiting on me to tell me something. Thank You.


FATHER: I was there in your dreams, watching over you.


ME: Thank You, Father.


FATHER: Now, feed My sheep.

Published by Mishael T