Chapter 21 




NARRATOR: My Brothers and Sisters, 

While waiting for you to return, I found myself between the pages of a book. The same book you are reading now. In the preceding chapters, some of the details and processes of being made whole, complete, perfected through Christ, and perfect in love were explained, followed by a look at love, as we know it in the world and love as it should be inside of us as Believers. Being made perfect in love enables us to have thoughts and reactions that are fruitful and productive.  


Our first thoughts about people, often set the atmosphere for our relationship with them. These thoughts, of course, come from our heart. When someone enters or leaves our presence, there are thoughts that either feed or bind Darkness. It is one of the DETAILS that the Adversary wants us to overlook. 

We can conquer Darkness that tries to enter our relationships and decide if our encounters, conversations and relationships will be positive or negative, by stopping and taking time to look at the details. Are we being fed lies by Satan? Is our heart DECEIVING us? Is PRIDE in the way?

Let us take a look at two people of very different ages, who are still not whole or made perfect in love, but they are on their way to experiencing love and God in a very different way. 





SCENE 3: The minister and his wife pull up in front of the chapel and get out of the car to check the door.


Minister's wife: I told him to lock up Merle, but, as I was telling you, he seemed kind of out-of-it...


Minister: ...and I told YOU Bee, come and get me when somebody's in there, especially if they don't look or act right! 


[He tries the door and finds it locked.]


Bee: Well, at least he locked the door, Merle!


Merle: Yeh, but if he WAS a drug addict or crazed maniac you could've been hurt or worse!

NARRATOR: Merle has reason to be cautious and protective of his wife and property. He runs a public establishment, where no doubt, he has come into contact with many unsavory characters, criminals and vagrants, barely escaping and falling prey to various mischievous and malicious acts.

However, our reasoning can take a wrong turn and attach sin to certain groups or kinds of people, blinding us and making us unable to see beyond the flesh of human beings. We are also blinded from seeing that, we have invited in darkness, that will not only affect US, but, those around us.




Bee: I wish he woulda turned the lights out in here, though. The bill last month was sky high and...

Merle: Was he EATING in here?! There's PAPER up by the altar! Those PEOPLE! !

[Bee goes up to the altar and stoops down to pick up the paper, then, sees that it is a handwritten note.]

Bee: No Merle, it's a note...from him, I guess. 

[She begins to read it aloud.]


Thank you for your hospitality. Needed time to think. Took one of your brochures for the shelter down the street. Hope they'll take me in. Please pray for me. LT

[Bee steps backward to turn towards her husband and her high heel steps on an object sticking partially out from under the podium. She stumbles and grabs the altar rail to keep from falling. Merle runs toward her shouting.]

Merle: BEEEE! 

[He holds her close in his arms and takes her to a pew.]

Merle: (winded and anxious) You alright, honey? You scared me to death! Here, let me see your ankle...

Bee: I'm alright, Merle. No need to fuss over me. 

[She flexes her foot and winces. Merle turns his back towards her and pulls out his handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his brow. Then, puts his head down in his hand and whispers a prayer.]

Merle: (aloud) Thank you, Father. Amen

[He goes up towards the altar, searching the floor, while Bee rubs her ankle.]

Bee: --think I'll just soak this ankle tonight in some epsom salts and it'll be good as new in the morning.  Well, maybe not good as new (laughing), it's pretty old now. 

[Wanting to stand up, she looks over to Merle, but, he's busy eyeing something sticking out from under the podium] 

Merle: What's this here? (He picks up the wallet.) I thought you tripped over loose carpet, but, it was a wallet. Wonder who...

Bee: I bet it belongs to that young man. Let me see it.

[Merle walks over and hands her the tattered wallet. Bee opens it and stares at a driver's license.]

Bee: (smiling) Yep! I believe that's him! Look! Lucas Thomas! LT! It's gotta be him! I'll take...

Merle: Uuuuh...wait a minute, Ms. Busy Bee, I'LL take the wallet. I'm not about to let you go around that men's shelter by yourself. 

Bee: ...but Merle, I've been there before. The men who work there are really, quite nice...

Merle: Busy Bee, you need to rest that ankle. I can handle it alone.

Bee: My ankle's fine Merle. At least let me ride along. You know I don't like to sit around doing nothing. 

Merle: Okay, we'll see how you're doing in the morning. Come on, let's get you home.




[SCENE 4: Merle and Bee drive to the men's shelter, but, after going in, Merle returns to the car holding the wallet.]

Bee: What's the matter, Merle? 

Merle: He wasn't there. 

Bee: He wasn't there? Was he out for awhile? 

Merle: No, they didn't know him. They said he never signed in.

Bee: Well, maybe he used another name. Did you show them his picture?  

Merle: Yes, Bee. They haven't seen him and he's not a regular client. He's never been there before.

Bee: Oh my! I'm sure he's going to need his wallet. I hope he's okay.

Merle: Don't fret yourself Bee. We'll hold onto the wallet for a couple of days, then, take it to the police station. But, right now, the car's almost on empty. Let me pull into the gas station across the street.


[SCENE 5: Merle pulls into the gas station and goes inside to pay.  Bee sees some men loitering outside who could possibly be from the shelter across the street. Taking the wallet, she gets out of the car and feels the pain in her ankle as she puts pressure upon it. Bearing down, she hobbles over to the men and opens up the wallet.]

Bee: Hello gentleman! It's a fine day we're having. How ya doin? 

[The men nod their heads in agreement and one replies.]

Man 1: Howdy ma'am. Can I help you?

Bee: Why yes, if you don't mind, I reckon you can.  I'm looking for a friend of mine who might be in trouble. Here's his picture. 

The men move in closer to get a good look at the driver's license.  One of them nods his head and Bee smiles.

Bee: You've SEEN him?

Man 2: YES MA'AM! Real late last night and I gotta say he caused QUITE a commotion. 

Bee: What do you mean? 

Man 2: Well, I hate to give you bad news, but he was out there in traffic, like a da...(one of the men nudges him)...foolishly wandering around and the cars were trying to dodge him...

Bee: (gasp) OH NO! Did he get run over?

Man 2: No Ma'am. He da-- 

[The man nudges him, again.] 

I mean, he almost got run over, but, the car put on its breaks and bumped him, and almost knocked the... 

[This time he gets clobbered on the head with his hat and eyes his acquaintance, waving a fist. Bee can all but contain herself and keep from bursting from holding back laughter.]

Man 3: It knocked him down, ma'am. I don't think he was hurt bad, but they couldn't identify him and they said they was taking him over to county hospital for evaluation and all and we all said he musta been on some kind of hallucination drug and...


NARRATOR: Stereotyping, racial profiling, bigotry, prejudice, biased opinions and judgements can and will lead us astray, because, they are not based on Truth, Holiness and Righteousness.

The world has taught us how to do these things, even without being aware that these thoughts are taking place in our minds. As a result, horrendous acts such as descrimination, segregation, spontaneous and malicious killing and terrorism, find a welcome place within our hearts and in society. 

We can find ourselves avoiding certain types of people: the poor, homeless, different nationalities. We become a knowing or unknowing participant in disenfranchisement and descrimination. Killing or condoning the killing of those we see as being a menace to society can become second nature, without much thought behind it. It can become part of a sacred and silent creed of a culture, religion, political party, regime, nation or group of people. We are ALL guilty of it by thought, word or deed, until we have been cleansed and purged in the Blood of Jesus and surrender to God's Will, On Earth, As It Is In Heaven! 



Bee: Thank you kindly gentlemen. You've given me all the information I need. You've been a BIG help! God bless you!

Man 2: Thank you ma'am. God bless you, too. 

Man 1: We hope you find him and he's alright. 

[Bee hobbles back to the car, waves at them, puts the wallet in the glove compartment, then, pretends to be taking a nap, until Merle pulls into their driveway at home.]    



SCENE 6: (Luke and Bee) 


[Bee knocks on the open door of Lucas Thomas' hospital room.




Expecting another nurse, doctor, or psychiatrist to come stick him with needles, probe him or ask him fifty questions, Luke barely looks up.]


Luke: Come in


[Surprised, he looks up again. Realizing that it's not medical staff, he sits up.]


Bee: Hello? Lucas Thomas?


Luke: Luke, please.


Bee: Hi, Luke, remember me?


Luke: No, I can't say that I...I mean...should I?


Bee: No, I just thought you might. I'm from the chapel--last night?


Luke: OOOOH! LAST NIGHT! No...sorry...I can't remember.


Bee: That's okay. Anyway, I'm the minister's wife from the chapel in Vegas, where you were last night.


Bee Vickers. How ARE you Luke? I heard you had an accident?!


[She goes to Luke's bedside and offers her hand to shake. Luke shakes her hand and smiles. The two freeze and look at one another, while Bee stands holding onto Luke's hand, staring at him oddly.]


Luke: (feeling embarrassed) I'm okay...just a big bump on the head and a few bruises...Excuse me! Where are my manners? Have a seat Mrs. Vickers!


[Bee takes the only seat in the hospital room, by the window]


Bee: I hope you don't mind me coming like this, but I have something for you .


[She takes his wallet from her purse, which he immediately recognizes, and hands it to him.]


Luke: MY WALLET! I'd recognize that beat-up old thing anywhere! Thank you, Mrs. Vickers!


Bee: Call me Bee, please. You left it at the chapel last night. It almost KILLED me! I tripped over it!


Luke: Ouuuuu..., I'm SOoo sorry, Mrs.


[She gives him a tap on the arm.]


I mean...Bee. Is that short for Beatrice?


Bee: UH! Heavens NO! I WISH! It's short for BERTHA...Bertha Earlene Hoggenshnaught! Whata name, right?! I couldn't WAIT to be Bertha Vickers!


Luke: Well, thank you, Bee. BOY,could I have used this earlier! They didn't know who I was so they slapped this John Doe wristband on me and locked me up in here.


They said I was trying to commit suicide, but I was trying to get to the shel--OOOH WAIT A MINUTE! I left the chapel--MINISTER'S WIFE! You're HER-- the GLAMOUR LADY!


[Bee blushes.]


Oh, I'm sorry, but you don't look like her....I mean...you're not...uh...your hair...


Bee: It's okay, Sweetie. I know I overdue it...and this week is Katherine Hepburn week on the movie channel, so, I died my hair and I'm dressed like Katherine Hepburn! It's just something I do to keep myself busy. --One of the reasons Merle calls me his Busy Bee. Plus, I keep it up because it brings in the customers. Merle's a good minister, but he lacks the PIZZAZZ needed for Las Vegas.


Luke: How did you get in here, anyway? They told me that we coo-coo birds could only have immediate family members visit.

Bee: I told them that I was your grandma that raised you and I showed them your wallet and this here picture of your daddy and me inside of it.

[She hands the picture to him and smiles. Luke looks at her very puzzled.]


Luke: Bee...you LIED to see me? You put the picture inside the...

Bee: Don't worry. I already prayed and asked for forgiveness. SEE...he...he looks alot like you.

Luke: Who is he?


[Bee grips her purse, holding it to her bosom and stands to look out of the window. In a broken voice, she answers.]


Bee: I-i-i-it's me a-and m-my shadow. 


Luke: Excuse me?




[Bee manages a little laugh, takes a hanky from her purse to wipe her eyes and clean her glasses, then, turns to look at Luke, with a stiff upper lip.]


Bee: My little shadow. Th-that's what I used to call him.


Luke: Him?


Bee: My Den...my Denny (in a quiet, barely audible voice) ...my son. 

[She laughs loudly and continues in a loud and boisterous voice.]

He used to follow me around all day. Merle thought he was going to be too soft--a mama's boy, but Denny was ROUGH and TOUGH! He excelled in every sport and never got beat down in a fight. When he would come home on leave from the army, he'd say, "Mama V, I'm not leavin' your side!" 


[She sits down, keeping her head towards the window.  Seeing that she is in distress, Luke apologies.]


Luke: I'm sorry for asking. Is he...is he


Bee: YES! (She stands rigidly) He's dead! 

[She grips her hands together tightly, making marks in her skin with her nails and slowly sits down again.]  

Bee: (quietly) He was killed. It happened a long time ago. 


Luke: I'm sorry.  Look, we don't have to talk about this...


Bee: O-oh I don't mind. It happened so long ago. Life goes on, ya know. My Denny...


[She straightens herself up in the chair and clears her throat.]


My Denny was a war hero! 

[She tries to smile and go on.]


I should be PROUD! Specialist First Class Dennis Merle Vickers served his country well. Saved the lives of the soldiers in his platoon and company, so they could return home to their loved ones...


Luke: (feeling very uncomfortable) Hey, hey, listen...since you brought me my wallet and I've got five bucks, how about I ask the nurse if we can go down to the cafeteria and get a soda? I need to get out of this cage for awhile. I've been staring out of that barred window going stir-crazy. 

First they wouldn't even unlock the door. I've GOT to get out of this room! You can tell them you won't let me out of your sight. They can put a LEASH on me if they want to! 

(He gives an awkward, half-hearted laugh in an effort to lighten the moment. Bee nods her head and gives Luke a little smile.)

Bee: Okay, but, I can't stay too long.  I told Merle I was going to the doctor to check on my ankle. Don't worry, I already prayed-- 


Luke and Bee together: and asked for forgiveness. 


[Bee blushes and puts her head down. Luke looks at her and shakes his head in disbelief, then, throws back the blanket and sits up on the side of the bed. They laugh as Bee awkwardly helps him put on hospital shoes and another gown to cover his exposed buttocks. They head towards the door and Luke notices Bee limping.]

Luke: How could I be so STUPID to leave my wallet on the floor? Here... lean on me.  

[Bee takes Luke's arm firmly and he holds her tightly bearing her weight. She looks up at his handsome face and smiles.] 

NARRATOR: Bee has a deceitful heart which tells her that she is ENTITLED to THINK and DO as she pleases and EXPECT forgiveness from God. One can detect BITTERNESS within her for the loss of her son and the survival of others and even a bit of rebellion in her actions.

In our story, we can see that this is blatantly wrong behavior and thinking. However, WE, often do this same thing in our daily lives. 

Be HONEST with yourself. What are some of the thoughts you have and things you continue to do that you EXPECT God to forgive on a daily or regular basis? 

JESUS said, "...He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.." (John 8:7)

Yet, TODAY, we are faced with a tremendous amount of condemnation, judgement, persecution, violence and verbal stone throwing, throughout our homes, schools, places of worship, work and gathering. Right before our eyes EVIL behavior has become popular and ACCEPTABLE and ENCOURAGED by those many people respect and have chosen to represent them as LEADERS! They believe they can fight HATRED WITH HATRED!

Many still believe that there exists a separation between church and state and that there should be, but it is a fallacy. The first failed coup d'etat occurred in Heaven, when Satan tried to overthrow God's Kingdom. God cast Satan and the angels who followed him from Heaven to ease tensions and regain stability or in otherwords, a detente, making Satan and his cohorts hostile, undesirable aliens and terrorists on earth. 

Satan deceived Adam and Eve to anger his enemy and gain the territory of the world, which God had given them, thereby starting a war between worlds and kingdoms. 

God is the creator of ALL things and at the ROOT of ALL things. Do not overlook the DETAILS! 

If you are running for a political office you must engage in political debate, abide by political rules and standards, whereby, you become a POLITICIAN, subject to using the same routes and making the SAME mistakes as other politicians. David found this to be true for Saul and himself. The deciding factor for success is if God is on your side and you continue to place Him at the Head of your life and the office He has entrusted to you.

Political candidates continue to try and win votes because of their religion, faith and morals, which are based on godly principles. Yet, many fail to uphold those principles! Even King David sinned against God for not upholding God's principles! 

The character of our political system has digressed to breed hatred, prejudice, slander and violence. We fail to properly define godliness, maturity, wisdom, responsibility, reliability and acceptability, because of the darkness, hardness, and PRIDE that has set into our hearts. 


Transfer this same knowledge and experience to your relationships, family and everyday life! As for you and YOUR house, who will you serve?


Should we not expect the gates of hell to open up and darkness to pour down upon us, because of our inviting and conjuring it to do so?!

 --And those responsible will deflect the BLAME, because they believe they are ENTITLED to THINK and DO as they please, even if others reap the tragedy and terror from their behavior.


When we build up WALLS of hatred, we are inviting Darkness in to dwell with us and setting ourselves up for those around us to knock down our walls and bring death, destruction and devastation to ourselves, family and neighbors. Does segregation and discrimination help or hinder? Is there a price to pay? Does it provoke anger, retaliation and violence? --And WHO are we overlooking whom we must answer to and be ACCOUNTABLE? We REAP what we sow!

People deny themselves a RELATIONSHIP with God and with one another, simply because, they take pleasure in throwing stones, failing to understand that you reap what you sow. They cannot understand HOW they usher in conflict, terrorism and violence, because of the terror and violence they breed and nuture within their OWN hearts, when PRIDE has set in.

We miss out on the FAVOR of God. He removes His hands of Grace and Mercy, because, we have made the SAME mistake King David made--we COUNTED on man, when we should have counted on GOD!!

Take note of this simple and unlikely relationship between two flawed individuals of different ages, who have chosen to lean and depend on one another to help each other through life's struggles, instead of throwing stones.

TAKE NOTE, my Brothers and Sisters and determine, who, despite their differences and flaws, is setting the better example in life, the stone throwers or the embracers of the characters of God: peace, love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, faith, and patience? 

Do not WAIT until it is TOO LATE, my friends! !  PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES! Do not be fooled or misled. Satan has fooled individuals, families, communities and NATIONS! Do not become complacent! EVIL must be STOPPED before it is let out of the gate to run its course; BEFORE the thoughts it places within men's minds become ACTIONS!!! 

With God's help, you CAN change! WE can change the thoughts of others, the heart of the nation and the atmosphere of the WORLD!


Until next time, may the Mercy and Grace of God be upon you and WITHIN you to impart unto others. Amen



SELF REFLECTION: A Look in the Mirror

Once again, when we look at Jesus' parables, He is challenging us to examine where our heart lies. Closely examining your heart, answer the questions below.

DISCUSS your answers with a mature Believer who can guide you in your spiritual relationship with Jesus and our Father, and/or have group discussions to learn from those who have different experiences and perspectives.


QUESTIONS: Write down your questions and discuss them with a mature Believer or submit them to this blog.


  1. Think of recent situations or conflicts that you were faced with at work, home, school, etc., and write down one word to describe what was in your heart to begin with? (i.e., fear, anger, distrust, prejudice, uncertainty, etc.) 
  2. Do you believe that you invited darkness in and affected everyone around you, giving them like feelings, or provoking anger, embarrassment, pride, shame, anxiety, guilt, feelings of blame, judgement or condemnation , etc.?
  3. Now, think of positive and empowering words to replace those feelings and thoughts for the next time you are confronted with similar situations. 
  4. Look into your heart again. What was the real reaction you hoped to evoke from the other person(s) through your choice of word(s) or actions?
  5. Were your expectations self-fulfilled? 
  6. Can we reshape a person's mind by the way we treat them and our expectations of them?
  7. What are some of the stereotypes, profiles and misconceptions we attach to gender, race, nationalities and groups of people? 
  8. Do YOU feel you are ENTITLED to hate, condemn and throw stones at others and expect God to forgive you?
  9. JESUS said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Are YOU without sin?
  10. Are you standing behind, supporting and joining in with people and leaders who encourage stone throwing, accusing and condemning others?
  11. Should we require godliness, maturity, wisdom, responsibility, reliability in ALL of our leaders and NOT just the ones we CHOOSE to like?
  12. Do you receive pleasure and a sense of superiority from condemning and throwing stones at other people? 
  13. Do you laugh at people who have made mistakes and told lies, condemning them, forgetting the mistakes and lies you have told?
  14. Do you think that God will forgive YOU for making mistakes and lying but NOT some people? 
  15. Do you want to DENY yourself a RELATIONSHIP with God and eternal life in His Kingdom because you choose to follow after those who are popular, powerful,  charismatic and beguiling, but who do not have the character of God or love for ALL of His people? 
  16. After fire has consumed ALL the oxygen in one room, it spreads to find knew sources of fuel to consume. Can hate be controlled and contained within walls or will it spread? 
  17. Will hate consume us and our loved ones, too?
  18. What are some of the STONES you have thrown or continue throwing at other people to condemn and destroy them in your mind or by word or deed?
  19. Can you take the stones back once you have thrown them? What must you do? Will you reap what you sow?
  20. Have stones, accusations, condemnations and judgements been thrown at you?  
  21. Did you experience pain from the stones being thrown at you because you are human?
  22. Can we demonize or dehumanize other people to serve our needs and pleasures as slaveowners and colonialist did?
  23. By DEMONIZING and DEHUMANIZING other people, does this show we have an understanding of godly priciples? A relationship with God? That we're abiding in Jesus? That we LOVE God? That we are obeying God? That we love our neighbor as ourselves?
  24. Then, what has happened to us and the world if we can't see these things are happening and/or we are participants?
  25. Who has blinded us? 
  26. Then, are we fighting FLESH? 


Dispel the LIES Satan is feeding you!!!




John 8:7King James Version (KJV)


7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.



Ephesians 6: 10-20

21st Century King James Version (KJ21)


10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

11 Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13 Therefore, take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day and, having done all, to stand.

14 Stand therefore, having your loins girded about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness,

15 and your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace.

16 Above all, take the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

17 And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God,

18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.

19 And pray for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the Gospel,

20 for which I am an ambassador in bonds, that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.


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