Chapter 17




[A disheveled, man dressed very comfortably (t-shirt, boxer shorts, socks, robe), watching a science fiction movie on television and eating popcorn. He stops and looks into the camera, acknowledging the presence of the audience. Grabbing the remote control, he mutes the television and begins to speak in a very intriguing voice to deliver his monologue and become THE NARRATOR.]  


THE NARRATOR: My friends, God is a god of details. The adversary is counting on your overlooking the details. God is counting on you to trust Him in giving them the proper attention.

Perhaps, you've seen or heard of a science fiction movie about Good versus Evil, where Good wins, but Evil leaves something behind, with a nefarious plan to start all over again and wreak havoc upon the Earth. 

Oblivious to the remaining evil that looms about him, that lies hidden in plain sight, spawning hideous offspring to await another chance to spoil the heroic life of our hero, Good rides off into the sunset. Captivated by the beauty and charm of the rescued damsel in distress, beside him, he neglects to look around the scene to clean up the last details. Only YOU are aware of the impending threat...but...then...they make you wait a year or two for the SEQUEL!!!

[He bursts into laughter, sending popcorn flying in every direction, then regains his composure. Managing to portray one of his more serious faces, his demeanor changes, as he dramatically moves closer into the camera.]


THE NARRATOR: Back into the REAL WORLD...!

Life in the real world can be just as dramatic! Let's say that God delivered you from something. Let's say that you were delivered from using recreational drugs. However, you decided you would still hang out with--that is-- go places with that friend you use to get high with, because, you've been friends for years. What harm can it do? It's just ONE...

[He holds up one finger and eyes it suspiciously.]

...of the details that kept you addicted. Now, you're clean and changed. You're in control. Who knows, maybe you'll be a good influence on them.

[He throws himself down on the floor and begins acting out the story he is telling.]

Next thing you know, you wake up one afternoon and see your empty wallet next to you on the floor. You stagger to get up, because, you feel terrible. You head to the kitchen, thinking maybe a cup of coffee will help, only to find the refrigerator and the cupboards bare. You're broke, so, you can't even buy a cup of coffee.

You start to look for your car keys and find them mixed in with the chicken bones, in one of the restaurant take-out boxes in the bathroom, but your car...

[looking out of the window]

...you THOUGHT was outside...is nowhere in sight and you can't remember how you got home last night or where you went.

You find your phone covered in hot sauce, in the other box, full of chicken bones and try calling your friend.

Later, you find out your friend didn't answer, because, they were out with someone else, you're not even friends with, getting high off of the drugs you spent the last of your money on.

You lie down on what appears to be the bed, but it could just be a pile of clothes, since you haven't cleaned in a while. Your mind finally comes into focus and you realize why you're feeling so bad. Your body is craving that next fix--that next high.

You decide, well, there's only one thing and one person who can help you. You slide down to the floor on your knees...

Finally, you find your shoes under the bed and head out to the streets to sell your watch and look for your drug dealer. Hmmmm 

[He quickly presses his nose into the camera, leaving a large smudge on the lens, provoking a spontaneous response from the cameraman, who emits a sound of disgust and squeamishly wipes the lens.]

Didn't you know that the adversary will always leave someone or something behind or something undone to try and get back into your life to finish off the job of destroying you? 

[He slowly backs away from the angry cameraman's guarded space and beloved, precious camera. He mouths an apology, holding his hands up in a gesture of peace and surrender.] 

Satan always tries to mimic God, whereas, God leaves seeds behind to grow us, Satan leaves something tempting behind to DESTROY us!


Details are important when evicting the enemy and cleaning house. 

[He pretends to hold a weapon, making his hands into a gun and cautiously moves along the walls of the apartment set, sharply turning corners with his hand gun out in front of him.]

If we are to remain free from bondage, we must make a clean sweep of our perimeters. 

[He Increasingly becomes excited, on the verge of hysteria.] 

There are things and people we can no longer hold on to and must give up! There are places we can no longer visit! Things we shouldn't look at or hear! We must stay away from ANY and ALL TEMPTATION!!!

[He moves and stands in front of the sofa.]

You pleaded with God to deliver you! You were so tired of being tired! You thought you were clean! How could this have happened?! Did God abandon you? WHAT WENT WRONG?!!!!

[He flops down on the sofa backwards, lies there a few seconds, then, quickly sits up, contemplating the dilemma, as if addressing and analyzing an audience member experiencing the current problem.]

Maybe, God allowed you to believe you were delivered to show you that you didn't want to be delivered. You know...you probably just wanted to be out of your current misery.

Maybe, you weren't ready. You didn't want to let go of the things that had helped to put you in bondage. You tried to keep bits and pieces that you thought were valuable to you. Like the children of Israel, you tried to bring back IDOLS and TAINTED SPOILS OF WAR, when God TOLD YOU NOT TO DO-O-O THAT!!!


[Suddenly he looks up to the ceiling, startled and leaps to his feet, listening intently.  Then, he waves his arms, signalling frantically, like an animated police officer directing traffic.]




[He reaches up to God for the new script and begins to quietly read the script aloud.]

Jesus changed everything--See Rewrite...Jesus changed EVERYTHING?! WHY? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE OLD SCRIPT?!!


[He quickly leafs through the pages of the new script, then throws the old script towards the camera. Frantic and filled with frustration and irritation, he screams at the crew, wildly, waving the NEW script.]


Guys?...HEY GUYS!!!! Jesus changed EVERYTHING, Guys, GET THE REWRITE!!!


(Looking at the script again, he reads in disbelief.)



[He rolls the script into a tube and beats the palm of his hand.]

DETAILS, MY FRIENDS! This movie is supposed to be about teaching people to pay attention to DETAILS!!! --AND WE CAN'T EVEN GET THE FIRST DETAIL RIGHT BY HAVING THE RIGHT SCRIPT!!! 


[Again, he plops himself on the sofa backwards, appearing to be exasperated and exhausted. When, suddenly he hears a voice say...]


VOICE: Watch the television. 


[He grabs his popcorn and sits up comfortably.] 




[An ancient writing and language appears on the screen, having subtitles beneath it. The narrator grabs his script and unrolls it to read along. Scene: Jesus dying upon the cross.]


Narrator: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16


[The camera zooms out and fades, as the narrator becomes engrossed in reading the script and watching the television screen.]





[The camera zooms in on a small, brightly lit, Las Vegas chapel.] 

SCREEN CAPTION: Las Vegas, Nevada, some 2000+ years later...

[Penetrating the walls, the camera begins to slowly pan the perimeter, showing the over-decorated walls, lit by fluorescent neon signs. Pictures of happy newlyweds cover the tiny back wall like a patchwork quilt; some, very comically depict the couples in teetering poses, as the groom tries to lift or carry his bride. 


From out of nowhere, an elderly woman, appears at the front door. She's dressed like a glamorous leading lady, from an old Hollywood movie, wearing a huge withering corsage. Her glitz and sparkle give her the appearance of a chameleon against the gaudy shimmering walls. 


She primps herself in front of a full-length, lighted mirror, framed with rhinestones, then dramatically whips a tired looking mink stole around her drooping shoulders. Smoothing her hair, she turns and poses, as if she is finally prepared for a photo shoot, then, waves and calls to the stranger kneeling at the altar.] 

Minister's Wife: Yoo-hoo! Hey darlin'! I'm the minister's wife!

[The stranger turns his head for a moment, then rests it back in his arms on the altar.]

Minister's Wife: I'm sorry to disturb you sweetie, but we're closin' up early tonight. We don't normally do that--this bein' Las Vegas and all, but, we're just one of many chapels around here (and probably the cheapest one), but, anyway, ya see, tonight is kinda special. 

[She giggles and blushes, with a school-girl charm that erases her haggard years and maturity.]

I mean for me and the Reverend, that is. Ya see...

[She pauses, to clear her throat, then proceeds to sing in a high screechy voice] 



[She waits, expecting applause or some type of congratulatory response. Then, looking quite perturbed and obviously let down she manages to deliver her next lines in a somewhat tart and acrimonious voice.]

But, you're welcome to stay a while, sweetie pie. Lord knows we ALL need prayer. I've already locked up and all, but, if you'll just hit this here light switch...

[She moves to a switch box on the wall, pointing.] 

It's the one with the weddin' bell sticker, swee...well...whatever your name is.  

[She smooths the sticker, mumbling to herself.]

Dearie me. Gonna need a new one.  

[She yells, hoping, in one last effort---one desperate, final attempt, to get the stranger's attention and a response.]


[Getting no response she begins to wonder if something is wrong with the man, then, walks toward him in her loud, clunky heels. Timidly, she begins to reach out to touch his shoulder, while she calmly speaks in a soft, motherly voice.]

You alright, Sugar? 

[The man nods his head and her hand jerks away, as she is startled to see him move. Slowly, she turns back toward the door, then, hesitates, giving the man a puzzled look over her shoulder. Walking to the door, with a synchronized 'clip, clop' accompaniment from her high heels, she gives him last minute instructions.]

Well, just shut the door reee-al hard. It'll lock. Now, me and the Rev will be back to check on things. We live out back in the trailer. Take your time and send a prayer up for me, too, now. Ya here? Byyyyee!

[The man begins to sob uncontrollably. Unable to hold himself up, he rolls down to the floor and draws his legs up into a fetal position. His wallet slides out of his pocket onto the floor. His sobs become wails, as he clinches his fist to his forehead in agony, rolling from side to side. His body rigidly stretches, only to contract again into a fetal position, kicking his wallet partially under the sanctuary podium; the sanctuary where couples had been happily joined as one and pictured in candid photos, depicting the beginning of their lives together.]

Narrator: My Brothers and Sisters, this is not the usual type of movie that ends with boy gets girl, or the hero or villain getting the money or prize. Neither is this your typical story of enlightenment and salvation. This is a story of true deliverance and transformation; showing us how God, just as He brought light into the darkness of the Universe, brings Light into the darkness of man's life. 


This story follows the hand of God, as it transforms chaos in the life of one man, which could be any man or woman, into abundant life; a productive life, a meaningful life; a blessed life. 


This story has no ending; for which I offer no apology. It is the story of one man's journey from what seemed to him to be the pit of hell to the gates of eternity. But for the grace of God, it could have been me or you.


But, in this version of the story, you...you or I, knew the meaning of enough is enough and were tired of sin ruling and ruining our life. We came to God willingly, with a humble and contrite (repentant) heart, desiring to surrender all of our life.



God pulled us up out of the miry clay--our drug addiction, in order to give us a chance to truly change--to be Transformed, not to just be delivered from a drug addiction. The two go hand in hand. 

God is not a department store for you to shop for what YOU need and continue living a life of sin. God doesn't do customized, made-to-order jobs, that come without you surrendering all and being born again! 


In this version of the story, you not only discover that God is a god of detail and chances, but He is also a God of completion. Rebirth is true deliverance; for only a changed heart and a new mind--The Mind of Christ--can keep you from sin. 


There will be pauses and interruptions throughout the movie; not for the usual popcorn, soda and restroom break, but to offer an occasional explanation. 

Again, we cannot apologize; for your life is at stake. We do not want to simply entertain you, but, to give you an opportunity for true, abundant, eternal life and joy.




SELF REFLECTION: A Look in the Mirror

Once again, when we look at Jesus' parables, He is challenging us to examine where our heart lies. Closely examining your heart, answer the questions below.

DISCUSS your answers with a mature Believer who can guide you in your spiritual relationship with Jesus and our Father, and/or have group discussions to learn from those who have different experiences and perspectives.

QUESTIONS: Write down your questions and discuss them with a mature Believer or submit them to this blog.


  1. In what ways do you see the THE NARRATOR as symbolizing some places of worship today? 
  2. How does THE NARRATOR react to change? 
  3. In what ways can we compare the old script and the Old Testament? 
  4. In what ways can we compare the new script and the New Testament? 
  5. Does THE NARRATOR have true Peace? 
  6. Who does THE NARRATOR blame for his problems? 
  7. Who does THE NARRATOR expect to solve his problems? 
  8. Does THE NARRATOR have a connection to God? 
  9. What kind of connection does he have? Is he giving or taking? 
  10. Is the THE NARRATOR able to STAND when adversity and stress comes his way and stand upon GOD'S commandments and principles? 
  11. What do you believe you know about the character of the minister's wife thus far? 
  12. Who is the minister's wife more concerned about?
  13. What is the minister's wife more concerned about? 
  14. What do you believe you know about the character of the minister? 
  15. What do you believe you know about the character of the cameraman? 
  16. What do you believe you know about the character of the stranger?
  17. What do you believe you know about the character of THE NARRATOR? 
  18. Can we judge THE NARRATOR by his title, name or position? Should we?
  19. Can we judge the narrator by his acting or the way he reads the scripts? Should we?
  20. What actions, words or conversations give us a better idea of the narrator's character, faith and relationship with God?  
  21. After reading part of the script and watching it on television, what SEEMS to have changed about the narrator? 
  22. What has changed about the story? 
  23. Reading and analyzing a story may not help solve our immediate problems in life, but it can help us look at our problems and ourselves in a different Light, from a different perspective and seek another solution and Helper. Think about something that you perceive to be a problem in your life and then, think about how the story changed because Jesus Changed EVERYTHING!
  24. How can you approach YOUR problem(s) differently because, Jesus changed EVERYTHING? 
  25. What other things did you find in the story that were of significance? 
  26. Did paying attention to DETAILS in the story help you to better understand the story?
  27. Will paying attention to the DETAILS in your life help you to better understand the life that you HAVE and the abundant and everlasting LIFE God WANTS you to have??? 
  28. Will paying attention to the details in the lives of others without JUDGING them help us to better understand them and help lead them to a better life following Jesus? 



Psalm 34:18


The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit



Psalm 51:17


The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.



Isaiah 57:15


For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.



Isaiah 66:2


For all those things hath mine hand made, and all those things have been, saith the Lord: but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word. (KJV)









Published by Mishael T