YOU CAN'T CHANGE ME: Unraveling the Lie 



The contents of this book can be summed up to God's UNCONDITIONAL and PERFECT LOVE for you. YOU, the one whose eyes are upon these words and whose ears hear them sound upon your heart. Your Father is calling to you to know that:


Through the power of God within us, we are transformed, able to resist the lies of the enemy. Through that same power, God uses us as vessels to expose lies and alter the course of others, leading them to Jesus.


Those who say we cannot change them, do not understand that as Believers, like Jesus, we are ONE with our Father and His power is within us. This was our Brother's heartfelt desire for us because of His love for us and His Disciples.


Jesus commanded that we have this same love for one another and asked His Father to send us a Helper to guide us. When Jesus cast the demon from the boy, Jesus told His Disciples, you will be able to do this and MORE.


Even after Jesus ascended into Heaven, His Disciples continued to be endowed with power to cast out demons, heal and change lives.


When others attack us with accusing words and denials, they are being used by the adversary to arouse pride and anger within us. We may forget that our war is not with flesh, the battle is already the Lord's and the absence of this Truth may lead us into conflict and chaos. This is what prevents us from being fruitful. This is why we must be HUMBLE, surrendering OUR will to God FIRST to claim the power that will bring about change in others and be manifested through us.


When we proclaim that we cannot be changed to live by the Will and Way of God, we claim DEFEAT and DEATH; for the adversary and his followers are a defeated foe and the wages of sin are death.


We must DESIRE others to change or be reborn to follow God's Will and not our own will. Therefore, we must have a clean heart that has been perfected in love.


To be a Child of God and a worthy vessel, one must have the heart of a child, trusting and obeying God, even if we do not understand His Will and Way, desire to obey, or know or agree with the outcome.


As Believers, these are things we have read and heard in God's Word, but do we truly believe them and do we practice them?


I, like many of you, have seen the Lord work in very mysterious ways that are unbeknownst to the enemy; for the enemy is blinded and cannot walk in the Light of God.


God shares with those whom He calls friend. Like, Abraham, we can become God's friend, when we believe and obey His Will, letting go of our love of self and the world.


This book is about a relationship with God, His Son and God's Holy Spirit. It is a relationship that shows us The Truth, The Way and The Life, while embracing us in unconditional, perfect and everlasting love, which teaches us to love in kind.


Through this experience--this journey, we've looked into the mirror at our heart and soul and compared them to the heart and mind of Christ Jesus. From this we've gained wisdom and strength to encourage and inspire growth that will improve our relationship with God and one another.


Have we unraveled the lie and even more lies? Can I change you? Can you change me? Yes, we can bring about negative change or positive change for and to the glorification of God, to abide in His Will and Way.


As JESUS died upon the cross and CHANGED EVERYTHING, our perfect love for our neighbor, our sacrifice and endurance, can change people and the world.


Yet, we must remember, it is not about pleasing man, it is about pleasing God. All PRAISE, GLORY and HONOR to HIS name, for we are NOTHING without Him!


I thank you for embarking upon this journey with me and for staying; even if just for a little while. We have fellowshipped together, by walking in the Light of God, and are all the better for it.




Through the most Blessed Power of God and the Precious Blood of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus,

Your Servant,


Published by Mishael T