It’s been three long years, so it’s only right that hip-hop artist, Vinnie Dangerous, gifts us with a fourth project- on his birthday, I might add. “Yes, I am a Dreamer” Vinnie Dangerous’ fourth all around project and first for-profit album, was released today, December 1st, 2016 . The Album consists of just 8 songs, all of which were produced by the multi-talented hip-hop artist. This project remains consistent with Vinnie’s signature melodic sound, keeping drums at a minimal. Symbolically, the album takes on the role of a, let’s say- crystal ball, showing recaps of unfavorable events and glimpses of envisioned glories. Both help shape an overall tone of perseverance.

The canorous “Imma be” serves as the initial foreshadowing of the album. It also introduces a reoccurring theme of constant collocation of Vinne’s past and future. “Imma Be”( an oxymoron) is the exposition of Vinnie’s “arrival”, which just so happens to reveal his source of motivation—his life. On this track, Vinnie goes in-depth about his origin, discussing his mom’s decision to give birth to him at the tender age of 17, after being encouraged to consider abortion. His existence has always been all the confirmation Vinnie needs to know he is destined for greatness despite the objections of naysayers. The rising action is then initiated with “On my Way”; the track highlights a series of events up until this very point in the musician’s life, with an underlying presence of anticipation for the climax, success. The hip-hop artist goes on to rave about the authenticity of his music, in “Don’t Lie to Me”. Fellow hip-hop artist, Tracy Lamont is featured on the song with a pretty dopeverse alongside some tricky music breaks and cuts for added flare (reasons why this may be my favorite track— Hmm).

Midway, the dreaming takes a back seat to Vinnie’s love life. The plot twist is an indication of how easily distracted Vinnie can become when trying to balance his love for women and his love for music. Though Vinnie’s love life serves as the basis for the song, I’m sure “Hey You” is a song most (if not all) can relate to as it highlights the likely sequence of events a part reigniting an old flame— without the strings, of course. Ironically, “Hey you” is followed by “Love me Right” which represents the reoccurring consideration Vinnie has in regards to establishing a more invested relationship with a woman, despite the various apprehensions brought on by previous relationships or observations.

“Denial” gives reason to believe one of many contributions to said doubt is his inability to trust revealed with the lyric “your girl calling my phone, she get wetter than the nile”. Other denials Dangerous has observed in others include that of himself (musically) and the ways of the world. Vinnie then incorporates a recorded speech of his father speaking on the importance of dreaming to one’s sanity and the accomplishment of goals as an album interlude. He forecasts that the acceptance of his father’s wise words coupled with his tenacity will payoff with musical accolades, such as Grammies and influence. That point will serve as the climax of Vinnie’s story. Metaphorically, the record takes on the name “On Top of the World”– an attempt to embody an unfathomable feeling of accomplishing an ultimate goal. Unlike most glory stories, Vinnie’s climax will remain constant. Once the hip-hop artist obtains his idea of musical success, he wishes to evolve into an entrepreneur, or mogul.

You see “Yes, I am a Dreamer” is the beginning, middle, and end of Vinnie’s existence- before it even happens. He dreamt it (past tense). So all there is to do now is watch said events unfold. How can one doubt his proclamations after  listening to him confidently deliver well written lyrics about all he’s overcome thus far over nice, self-produced (I might reiterate) tracks? You can’t.


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