"That which is most personal is most general." ~ Carl Rogers.

We think of ourselves as unique, special. Different.

And we are. There will never be another you.

You are one of a kind. Of all the people ever born, there will never be another the same as you.

You are also one of many.

Thousands of people share your concerns, fears, worries, problems and issues.

No, not exactly in the same way, nor do they react in the same way or make your choices or live your life.

But, they have some idea of what you are going through.

You are not alone.

You are apart of something bigger. We are all on this ship together.

We have become rather a self-focused bunch.

And, while we are all special, wonderful individuals we are still part of a team, part of something much bigger.

We can be a little narcissistic. "What's in this for me?"

There is only one planet that sustains us at this point.

And we are all on it together. Let's find some common ground.

Published by Kristy Hunt