(Inspired by a friend)

By Lynda Dell


Sometimes you just need a shoulder to bear your burdens,

A friend who listens without interruption,

A friend who weeps alongside of you,

A friend who opens her heart to you,

And bares her soul like you just did,

A friend who helps you realize,

Just to take one day at a time,

And sometimes one hour at a time,

And this soon will pass without judgment or blame.


A friend makes you feel whole again,

Sometimes friends are what make our lowest lows bearable,

Sometimes friends are what make our highest highs incredible.

Thank you for being that friend!


If you haven't reached out to a friend lately, then share this with your close friends and remind them just how much you value that friendship. If this helps you in any way, please share it with others. I wonder if you agree?

Published by Lynda Art