I don't know about you, but I know I can never be sick of eating gelato in Italy. Even when I lived there for 2
months in winter, I still insisted on having a gelato at least once a week. However, walking around Florence's Duomo area for what would've been at least the 30th time, I found a frozen yogurt store tucked away in a hidden ally away from the main shopping street of Via dei Calzaiuoli. Ever since returning to Australia, I have constantly expressed my regrets at not finding this shop earlier. I've had froyo many times in my life, but no shop was the same as Yogurt & Co.

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Yogurt & Co

As if the exterior isn't cute enough, the interior is equally as pleasing. With organised bench tops, Baroque-style decorations, this place is quintessentially Florence but with a modern twist to it. Also, because this isn't a huge store, there's a real homely feel to it. Especially on those cold winter days where you just wanted to eat comfort food all day everyday.


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The first thing you see as you walk into Yogurt & Co


As you walked in, rest assure you'll also be greeted with the biggest smile. For just €4, you can choose 3 toppings to go with your frozen yogurt. 

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Here, I have pistachio, strawberry sauce and white chocolate. See if you can work out which one was mine (and no, this is not a trick question...). Yogurt & Co created the perfect vibe for my friend and I to just sit down and talk about life for at least two solid hours.


As we sat there, the shopkeeper also gave us some samples of their crepes and waffles, and since we were the only ones in the shop on a rainy winter day, you could say that we basically ate a whole crepe and a waffle on that day. We felt so bad that we knew we had to get one too. For €2, you could get a huge waffle that was bigger than the size of my face. It was definitely the best price for waffles I've found. Of course, if you wanted more toppings you could pay just a little extra, but we didn't that time.


We loved this place so much that I decided to buy two takeaway milkshakes for my two au pair girls (My au pair schedule is here), as I remember talking to them about my love for milkshakes, and them replying that they've never had one before. Oh Italians, you're missing out! I got one milkshake with kiwifruit, pineapple, strawberry and banana, and another one without the bananas (Chiara doesn't like bananas!). When I picked them up from school and handed it to them, they both said they loved it but couldn't finish half of the cup.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.28.24 pm.png

Although being a milkshake connoisseur and all, after I finished it for the girls, I personally thought they should've been blended a bit better, and the texture was more of like a smoothie than a milkshake. Oh well, at least my girls loved it, and I loved their everything else!

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.31.27 pm.png

I loved the place so much that I returned here the next day- my last day in Florence. I had nutella crepes, which was only €3. On this day, there were also sample waffles and crepes on their bench top, which just makes me feel like these shopkeepers are possibly the nicest froyo shopkeepers you could meet. Seriously, one of my biggest regrets is not discovering this place earlier. Don't do what I did, and please put this on your bucket list!


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.35.21 pm.png

Exterior of Yogurt & Co is very quintessentially Florence


Published by Jessie W