Yes that’s what the Lord told me today.

If you are not believing it in your eyes let me say it it out loudly.

You Are A Superhero

Dear Lord, thank you for sharing with me so much Joy, which I would sharing to all those whom you have given me. Amen Hallelujah You be Praised Forever and ever.

  • Remember the time when you got hurt badlybut you chose to forgive, to forgot and to love.
  • Remember the time when you were sick and unwell but you still came to the Church?
  • Remember  when you had no one left, standing beside you but you and your truth, and the God on behalf whom you stood for?
  • Remember the time when people insulted youbut you with you smile said come let us be one again.
  • Remember the time when even in your hard daysyou wanted to fake a smile, in front of everyone, so that they can be happy watching your smile.
  • Remember the time when no one understood you, and you where crying but you did not forget to pray?
  • Remember the time when the first time you went up to the podium fighting all the anxiety and all you spoke what God wanted you to speak.
  • Remember when for God, you toppled your fear with Faith withing?
  • Remember the time, when Satan wanted to captivate you in Sins, by giving you so much temptations,but you on the other-hand, stood before God, and knelt and fought him with prayers and with the grace of God?
  • Remember the time, when you Sinned, but you were not afraid to face God, not afraid to go to confession, not afraid to say I’m sorry daddy, and I have come here to confess and I want to be with you, and I do not want to give away my freedom which my brother died to protect.
  • Remember the last time when you stood for when there was injustice?
  • Remember the last time when you said the truth even when you were afraid, and even when you knew that there will be people who will persecute you for saying that?
  • Remember that time, when you refused to Bow down to some other Man made Gods, refused to take their offerings, as your blessings.
  • Remember the last time when you defended your faith, your God, your county, your friends, with nothing but yourself?
  • Remember the last time, when you said YES I will go to the Church on Sundays.
  • Remember the last time, when you prayed for your enemies, prayed for those who hurt and persecute you?
  • Remember Children, the last time when you obeyed your parents even when they don’t seem to understand what you want to say?
  • Remember Parents, the last time when you forgave your children, and if you have hurt them any way, you have told them how sorry you are.
  • Remember the last time when you were in need and you could have stolen from your friend, from your parents, from strangers, but you chose not too, and have faith in God, who will always provide.
  • Remember the last time, when you did not became a Judgmental person.
  • Remember the last time when you stayed in Silence, in prayer in presence with God. 
  • Remember the last time when you were so tired in your life, that you did not have anything but your life, to thank God for, and yet you remained faithful to Him and Praised Him.
  • Remember the last time, when you gave away your food your drinks, your luxury or pleasurable goods, so that a homeless person can have it?
  • Remember the last time when you kissed one homeless person, and told Him that God is there for you?
  • Remember the last time when you visited your friends, or even your enemies when they were hurting, when they were unwell.
  • Remember the time when you visited or prayed for someone who does not have prayer too.
  • Remember the time when you visited the orphanage, or old-age homes.

In short what God wants to tell you is this, whenever you were faithful to Him, when you obeyed him, without curiosity, but out of Love. Wheneveryou have shared what is given to you, i.e. Love, Peace, Mercy, Opportunities, Hope, Faith.


So whenever you followed Jesus, my dear friend, you became a Superhero,

For Jesus was a Superhero, and He shared with us the secret to become a Superhero.

You want to know?

Its only one word okay!

Come Friends, Let us Pray

Lord Make me ‪#‎Humble‬, Make me ‪#‎Sweet‬, make me Loving and Caring to bear the message of ‪#‎Hope‬ ‪#‎Faith‬ & ‪#‎Peace‬.
Make me ‪#‎Rare‬ like a precious ‪#‎jewel‬ in your eyes Oh Lord. Amen

Do not let anyone take away your ‪#‎specialness‬, your ‪#‎mark‬ your ‪#‎smile‬your ‪#‎love‬ your #peace your #hope your #faith from You.
For you are ‪#‎real‬! Your ‪#‎Creator‬ is #Real! Your ‪#‎God‬ is a ‪#‎Living‬ one! And you will ‪#‎live‬ to tell it to the world what ‪#‎He‬ tells you.





To know it, please wait for the next letter.

God Bless you dear friend, Hallelujah Praise the Lord.

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- Abraham 

Published by Abraham Ofhisglory